A Matchmaker with Ulterior Motives

Bella: Is Aunt Birdie your sister?

Me: She married my brother so that makes her my sister-in-law.

Bella: What's an In-Law?

Me: Like when mommy married daddy Uncle Tony became my brother-in-law.

Bella: We need to find a girl that is alone like Uncle Tony is alone.

Me: So they can be together?

Bella: Yeah, a girl that is alone but with no cat and with no boyfriend.

Me: No cat because Uncle Tony has one already?

Bella: Yeah, then they can be together...I wonder who will be their flower girl.


Jollie Good Mother said...

Get all the use you can out of that flower girl dress!

Papa said...

It's a crying shame that Mom had to explain this to me. Once she did though it was funny.

They call me 'Miiister Punnnk'! said...

Hah... love the "a girl with no cat and no boyfriend". I imagine the first meeting... "So do you have a boyfriend? No? Do you have a cat? Yes!? Sorry, it's just not going to work out. We're from two different worlds... you with your cat and me with mine... I'm sorry, I must go."

Anonymous said...

LOL I love that little girl.

The Football Wife said...

How cute!