Making Something of Myself, One Drunk Bride at a Time

If you missed the original posting of the list click here.

  1. Pet a cow.
  2. Buy a house
  3. Learn how to properly and successfully execute a basketball lay-up.
  4. Fix this disaster of a farmer's tan I accidentally started today.
  5. Do 300 push-ups and 3000 crunches. (at 30 and 125)
  6. Cry and Whine about how sore I am from doing 300 push-ups and 3000 crunches. (This was almost too easy.)
  7. Schedule my first ever colonoscopy.
  8. Move my family into a new house. This will be sort of a hunting and gathering process since we have crap stored at various locations throughout two counties. (Duuuuude, I'm so tired.)
  9. Have a BBQ on my new deck.
  10. Try a new food.
  11. Attend a homeschooling mother's luncheon. (I'm counting this on the list because it's going to eat a whole day out of my 30 and that's just not fair.)
  12. Give Matt and Mallory each a great birthday. This includes but is not limited to: baking cheesecake, purchasing multiple items with the name Selena Gomez on them and pretending to be interested in who the Bills choose with their second round pick in this years NFL Draft. Yeah, I'm bored already too. (halfway there!)
  13. Go shopping. Buy a dress. If you knew how I shopped you would have made this two items but I'm serious about this list. (I actually bought two dresses and two pairs of ridiculously high heels and I only spent 80 dollars. Yes, this is a sign of my awesomeness.)
  14. Play my own piano in my own house for the first time since I got married.  (I should take some video of this so you can hear how out of tune my piano is. It's beautiful, like crashing cymbals.)
  15. Go on a hike. A real, up into the mountains, get eaten alive by starving mosquitoes hike.(Post forthcoming.)
  16. Teach Mallory how to make a cheesecake. (done)
  17. Use this list as an excuse to let myself go. Shower less, brush my hair less, etc. You get the idea. (Photographic evidence. It's terrifying, you have been warned.)
  18. Get my dad to refer to Trent Edwards as my boyfriend in front of my husband again. Awesome.
  19. Take my kids to a nursing home for a visit.
  20. Clean my bathrooms (does it count if I get my husband and daughter to do them. P.S. Mallory's bathroom was cleaner than Matt's)
  21. Buy new pedals for my bike so I can take bike rides with my kids.
  22. See Manhattan at night.
  23. Perform the Justin Bieber song Eenie Meenie Minie Moe Lover as a poem for an audience.
  24. Find a black eyeliner that doesn't make me look like I've been punched in the face after it's been exposed to a little bit of sunshine and heat.
  25. Get a new tattoo.
  26. Teach Anthony how to read. This way he can spend his whole life bragging that he learned to read when he was only 3. Even if he fails miserably at everything in life he'll at least have that.
  27. Convince Matt and Ryan to take the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Challenge and then post photographic evidence of this contest on the Internet for my own amusement. (In case you missed it.)
  28. Hug a stranger. (drunk bride at her bachelorette party.)
  29. Spend an exorbitant amount of time shopping for and picking out the shoes Matt will be buying for me after my colonoscopy is done. I am open to suggestions.
  30. Take a picture of Matt and myself and both kids together in our new house.


The Boob Nazi said...

At least she was drunk at her bachelorette party and not her wedding?

tbsomeday said...

oooh, i love seeing the progress!

how's the house thing coming?
i hope that doesn't include closing