F is for Failure

"Sooo," I say to Ryan yesterday when he stopped by for a quick four hour visit, "did you see my list of 30?"

"Yep," was his incredibly interesting response.

"So, you going to do the Blazin' Challenge with your brother?"

"Yeah, I'll do it," he says. "But I need time to prepare myself for it. I'll do it next week. I'll be ready for it then."

In an attempt to honor Ryan's wishes to wait to do the Blazin Challenge, Matt and I waited a full 24 hours before we stopped at Buffalo Wild Wings and picked up 24 Blazin' wings and headed for Ryan's apartment.

Ryan spent the day preparing for the six minute challenge by researching the rules and watching YouTube clips while he was supposed to be working. Matt, on the other hand, did not prepare until the last thirty seconds before I said, "Go." It was at that time he felt he could best achieve his goal of twelve Blazin' wings in six minutes shirtless. Then Ryan said, "Dude, I can't eat while you are naked," and Matt put his shirt back on.

Then they were ready.

Then five minutes later it was over. Neither boy, er, man made it the full six minutes. Ryan complained that he had the hiccups, then his nose was running, but he couldn't do anything about it because the rules clearly stated he could not touch his face. Then his fingers started to tingle from the heat of the sauce on the wings.

Then both boys thought they might throw up.

When it was all done, each of them had only eaten seven wings, Ryan literally drank blue cheese dressing, and neither one of them threw-up. (And they say girls are melodramatic.)

I had a great time.

They did not enjoy it.

They want to do it again next month.

Oh, and if you aren't familiar with the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Challenge, here's a video of someone failing to complete it.


Punk said...

When you decide to take Mom's kids to BWW to smack down that challenge, make sure you take your camera and post the results, thoroughly humiliating your husband and brother-in-law.

Just a friendly reminder.

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is a game I can totally win at! I'm in on the next challenge! -mom-

tbsomeday said...

haha--well, i guess 7 was pretty good compared to the youtube guy

you're a good story teller--glad you pushed the boys outside their comfort zone
how awful would it have been to throw up spicy? ugh

the challenge looks like a horrific idea to me
course--i hate wings and i hate spicy...but other than that i have no interest in mass consuming calories without enjoying them first :)
only men

JoeyRes said...

As someone who couldn't eat even one of those, I'm pretty impressed!

Amanda said...

I used to work at Buffalo Wild Wings and I couldn't' even get NEAR the blazin' stuff. It literally singed my nose hairs. But that being said, kudos to them for not vomiting! That's a success in itself!

Ry said...

7.5 wings. don't short change me.

I was the clear cut winner by half a wing.


Uptown Girl said...

how manly. swoon.

foxy said...


I can totally see my husband trying something like that.

coach said...

The problem with the competition was the fact that when you go to my favorite place being buffalo wild wings you want to enjoy those gorgeous wings. When my bro told me no blue cheese or wiping your face i knew I would be in trouble. We wimped out at the end but next time I will be more ready. HOPEFULLY!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Hey... is there a reason you didn't eat the wings too?

Yankee Girl said...

That is one tough challenge. I watched as my husband and one of his friends tried it. The friend was able to do it, but he spent the entire next day throwing up. My husband make it to 6 or 7 I think before he quit.

Them things are HOT.

Dione said...

Where do we get some BWW? I have a daughter that would surely like to give it a try. And she might could do it ;)