Dear Mister Hottest QB in the NFL

Dear Trent Edwards,

As I'm certain you are aware I've been at this blogging thing for nine months. I have spent this time faithfully championing your cause. I've convinced friends and family alike of your awesomeness by linking to pictures and videos of you, posting pictures and discussing your hair. For crying out loud every Sunday 25% of my visitors are dedicated googlers ogling you. I've even mentioned once or twice that you play football. However, your recent game play has left me confused.

Why? Why won't you throw touchdown passes anymore? Is it because I called your new hairstyle iffy? I didn't mean it, I swear. I like the new hair. It's perfect. Please get a first down.

In case you have forgotten or have been replaced by Dione in a Freaky Friday style switch-a-roo, a first down is when you've successfully moved the ball ten yards towards your own goal-line. You can get more than one if you want to. Get as many as it takes to get into the endzone. I won't complain if you take up a lot of game time to do it. I like to watch you play. Please don't end up a Las Vegas Locomotive like J.P. Losman. I don't think I could handle watching a UFL game. Not even so I can see your nice tan.

Trent Edwards

I realize that in NFL terms you don't make a lot of money but a half a million a year is enough to buy something nice for your offensive line. You're a highly intelligent, well-educated man so bargain with them a little. Promise to buy them something pretty if they keep the other team away from you long enough so you can pass the ball. You have excellent taste in watches, I'd bribe them go with something nice like that. At least then they'll know when to show up to play.

Trent, I must know, haven't I proven my devotion? I bought your jersey. I'm begging you, tell me what I've done to upset you. Why won't you win one for me? Are you upset with me because I didn't name my blog I Want To Marry Trent Edwards? C'mon man, I'm already married and I can only push my husband so far. (Plus it was already taken.) 

Now Trent, clearly I'm on your side so I'm doing this for your own good. You aren't playing your best and I think you need a little motivation. I think bad pictures of you is the place to start. Consider this old high school photo a warning shot, next time I'll post the frosted tips link again.

It's only because I care.

A faithful and devoted Bills fan who would really like to know what it's like to watch her team play in the post-season,


Punk said...

I do not think that is an effective warning shot, because, honestly, I don't think it's a bad picture. I love it. I want to track down tiny, young Trent Edwards and just hug the stuffing out of him, I really do.

That said, I hope the Hottest QB in the NFL remains yours QB. I like him. I'd miss him if he were replaced by someone, anyone else.
I really would.

Missy said...

What would I write about then? My husband?
Even though my husband has really nice eyes I promise not to turn this into one of those blogs that is all about how much I love my husband.

The Godfather said...

i'm so heated still. i feel like all my hard work and devotion as a fan got spat on yesterday. LETS GO BOYS!!! STEP IT UP!

The Boob Nazi said...

Umm, hello, sir. I wasn't aware of your existence. I might be watching football more now.

Dione said...

Call me FREAKY, but I think the high school TE is cute!

coach said...

Right now all i have to say is Trent Edwards is crap. I know he is handsome but can't throw any farther then Chad Pennington! Come on Trent show some guts and as Rodney Harrison would say to Tom Brady "Take off the dress and put on some pants"!

Missy said...

All right, Dione, you got me. I think the picture is cute too, but it's the second worst picture I could find online of him.
Also I loved how you side-stepped the large nose issue yesterday. Thanks for the compliments on my not-large features.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

I like your blackmail idea. Just in case Trent is not yet an avid reader of your blog, you should send a copy to the Bills team. I'm certain this will motivate him to focus and play better.