I Need A Hobby

So my day broke down like this:

Got up at 7 with Braden (Bella slept over at the In-Laws and Ryan subjected her to The Neverending Story) and puttered around the house.

I recieved a call from the real estate agent saying she wanted to show my house in an hour and half.


Cleaned ferociously.

Took a walk in the rain with Braden because Matt took my car to work since his is in the shop and we wanted to get out of the house while strangers wandered around in it.

Fed the kid lunch. Hot dogs and cream corn. So healthy. I'm posing for PETA next month.

Got ready for an 80th birthday party. (This included putting on heels, yeah!!)

Wondered if the Wildcats got a win. Does anyone know?

Went to the birthday party and chased my kids around a restaurant.

Ia's 80th!
How awesome is it that she stuck her fingers in the icing? Pretty awesome.

After the party I switched kids with my In-Laws and brought Bella home and put her to bed.

Sent my sick husband to bed.

Wondered how to kill time since it was only 9pm.

Decided to apply excessive amounts of eyeliner, take pictures of it and then share those pictures with you.

Aren't you lucky?

Yes, yes you are.

Mommy has 'cary eyes

I don't know why I do that. The crazy eyes when I take a picture. Maybe it's just my true nature coming out. Wow, my nose looks huge. You didn't have to agree. You could have just lied and said, "No it doesn't. It looks great." Seriously.

The floating head says, "Get a hobby."
The floating head says, "Get a hobby. And not one that involves make-up, cameras and the Internet."

To the floating head I say, "It could be worse. Use your imagination."


Mr. Punk said...

Ahhh... The NeverEnding Story. A must-see movie for all kids. ATTrrraayyyuuuuu! Avoid the sequels though... Avoid them like the plague.

coach said...

I just have to say you look HOT!

The Godfather said...

lol Mr. Punk...Bella actually wanted to watch the second one the following morning. I instead told her it was crap (even though i never watched it myself) and convinced her to watch the first one with me again. What a film.....WHAT A FILM!!! As a kid i remember it really feeling like an epic film. It's only 90 minutes though.

"Mommy you have carry eyes"

Missy said...

Ryan, you'll be proud to know that Bella has been talking about The Neverending Story all day and has mentioned several times that we should NEVER watch the second one.

Punk said...

"Say my NAME, Bastian!"

Dione said...

I am coveting your eyebrows! You've also got great lips! Lucky!