As a stay-at-home mom, all my days run together. Is it Wednesday or Saturday? It's hard to tell since this job doesn't have a weekend or regular hours. Being a Mom is kind of like being a doctor, only without the pager, sweet white lab coat or Saab. (Have you ever noticed that a ridiculous number of doctors drive Saabs?) So my point is that if it weren't for T.V., I wouldn't know what day of the week it is. I only watch T.V. twice a week, but no matter how confused I am by what day it is, Sunday football and Bones/Grey's Anatomy Thursdays always set me straight. That is how I know that tomorrow is Friday.

And to that I say, THANK GOD.

I'm so over this week. You've all had this week before. Nothing ever seems to get off the ground and once you think you've got things where they should be, your phone rings and everything gets blown up again. Blech. Not to worry, it's nothing major, just basic life stuff. Stuff you've all experienced before.

So to celebrate Friday being here and this week leaving us forever, I think I'll highlight some of the things I'll miss about it.

  • Braden yelling for me to wipe his butt at 5:45 a.m.
  • Bella trying to convince Braden that he wants to go to heaven and Braden insisting he doesn't because there are dinasours there and he doesn't want them to eat him.
  • Bella's excitement at reading Hop on Pop.
  • That my "Stranger Peeing in a Parking Lot" photo on Flickr has gotten 43 hits. Who am I to judge? I saw a man peeing in public and grabbed my camera so I can't really judge anyone for looking.
  • My mom's clean bill of health after her colonoscopy.
  • This video
  •  The Regina Spektor lyric, "I have the perfect body because my eyelashes catch my sweat." I totally respect that.
  • Pretending to be a Sharp-Tooth (T-Rex) and eating my kids up. Kids are an excellent source of protien.
  • This picture and how happy having Braden captured in this moment makes me.
The boy of perpetual motion

Goodbye week of September 26-October 2. May your successor be nicer. Amen.


Sara @ The Football Wife said...

I love Fridays, too. They're so forgiving. Love Braden's Bills Gear!

The Godfather said...

This week lacked impact.

You are lucky you work for your kids and not "The Man"

One day i am gonna stick it to the man.

I am. That's a promise.

I get to see Bella in an hour!!!

also if my nephew was any cuter i'd have no clue how to react to him.