Nobody Listens to the Girl

Sometime last week I mentioned that the original name of this blog was Nobody Listens to the Girl. At that time I explained that the reason for that title was football related and promised to spare you the story behind it. Let the record show I am a liar.
In order to share this story we must first go back in time. Since my time machine is broken, if you wouldn't mind wiggling your fingers in front of the computer screen to create the illusion of time travel that would be great. (you can use sound effects here as well)
It was a Sunday afternoon and the year was 2007. Coach, his brother Tony and one of their friends were watching Bills' football on TV and I was "watching" while I took care of kids and prepared a snack for the boys. Something on the T.V. must have grabbed my attention because I looked up to see what was going on in the game. What I saw moved me from the 'I like football club' into the 'I love football club'. For you Twilighters out there, it was almost how Jake explained imprinting. Everything sort of stopped. Football, which I had always liked for it's brute strength and foolish bone crushing, also had psychology. I love psychology.
What I saw was the Quarterback get knocked down. Not good since it was our QB. But then, he did something simple yet not so simple, he jumped up and ran back to the line of scrimmage. (Where the ball was) He clearly wasn't thinking about how he had just been knocked to the ground by a 300+ lb man, he was thinking about what was ahead of him, the endzone. The win. In football it's all about where your head's at.
So I say out loud to no one in particular, "That's our Quarterback."
I got a kind yet somewhat condescending response, "No honey, J.P. is our Quarterback and he left the game hurt. That's the rookie back-up."
To which I responded, "I don't care who he is, that should be our QB."
I then received a riveting lecture on all of the ways that J.P. was a great QB and much better than this rookie, Trent Edwards. I don't remember all of the reasons why he was allegedly better because I totally zoned out.

A few months later Coach came home from work and we had this conversation:

Coach: You must be happy.
Me: Why?
Coach: The Bills named Trent Edwards the starting QB over J.P. for next season
Me: Who's Trent Edwards?

Ah, how far I've come.

Hopefully tomorrow's post I will have an update from the ultrasound. In the meantime enjoy this short video from the 2007 Buffalo Bills players. I encourage you to watch. They ask each other some very socially pertinent questions. *giggles* have fun.


Anonymous said...

TV in the 1800's? Hmmm... Jollie Good Mother

Anonymous said...

1. I most certainly waved the mouse around and made swooshing noises to go back in time. I think it worked!!!! no but honestly it brought a smile and enjoyment to my day.

2. For the record i'd like to state that I have always said J.P. Los(er)man sucked.

3. Good Luck today!

Coach said...

I admit I was wrong! John Paul Loserman is a bum. I hate that guy with a passion. We traded multiple picks for a guy who supposedly had a great arm. That same guy still cannot find a football team to go to even though the Minnesota Vikings currently have Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels at QB.

One thing though, Missy here likes everyone to believe that she knew all along. That's not a total lie or anything but come on who would guess that this third round pick would be any good. Actually until he proves that he can take my boys to the playoffs then he is just another in the long line of stiffs. I love the Bills and want the playoffs.

Lastly if the Bills win a Superbowl and I am alive, you do not want to know me!!!!!! I will never shut up and will tell everyone who ever bad mouthed them how i really feel. It could involve streaking!

Go Bills