Today is Punk's Birthday. How many candles was that again?

Sorry I didn't get a post up last night. I was so tired. After we got back from dinner I went straight to bed, at 5:45. I'm pretty sure that I was asleep before I even laid down. When I woke up I was completely disoriented. I couldn't remember going to bed, putting on my PJ's or even if Coach had come to bed with me. I felt around the bed and there was no one there. I looked at the clock, 11:30. At this point I realized that I had gone to bed unreasonably early and went looking for my husband. Turns out he had laid down for a "nap" on the couch at 8:30. We're regular party animals over here.
This morning I woke up and spent a delightful 30 minutes in my bed playing Ninja Turtles with Braden. I was Donatello and he was Leonardo. I got to sing Happy Birthday to Leo. I bet you didn't know it was Leo's birthday. Speaking of birthdays...
Today is Punk's birthday!! She might pretend that she wants us to ignore such a momentous occasion, but she doesn't. She wants our love. So Happy Birthday, you're officially 17 again. (This is from Birdie.) If you aren't sure what to get her, she loves youtube videos. Link her to your favorite one in the comment section, it'll make her day.
And now in honor of Punk, we eat vegan cake, drink Soy Lattes from Starbucks and listen to Robert Pattinson sing. Happy Birthday, Punk.

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Papajimmy said...

She's 17. Hoorah!!! That means I'm 39.

But, I don't veganize, Robert Pattinsonshould stick to acting?, and we don't even have a Starbucks. You go, DD.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Punk!!!! In celebration click the link below and turn the volume way up. It's time to dance like elizabeth shue!

Punk said...

Happy Birthday to Meeee! NO, I don't want you to ignore it, but I really don't mind being 17 again. W00t, Papa to being 39. ;-) And I LIKE how Robert Pattinson sings... *swoony sigh*

First, how you love me, Missy... *giggle*... love that Joss Stone vid & version of "SoaPM," yummy yummy Vanity Fair pics, but -- to prove what an ungrateful wretch I am -- how is it that you managed to link to the ONLY OLP song I don't like? How?? Was it on purpose?

To fix that:

Birdie: You scare me. I love you. "Do you vhant to know vhy?"

Godfather, sir, thank you for the link. Very cute. I've decided it's the female version of this:

On a fairly different note, OLP has posted their newest vid for their first single from Burn, Burn. I'm... urgh... yeah... It's radio friendly so I'm disappointed... kind of lame. You might actually like this one. ;-)

Missy said...

O.K. Punk, I listend to your OLP radio friendly song and... I don't hate it. That's the best you are going to get out of me.
As for the Tom Cruise video, it disturbs me some. I personally prefer this one.

Punk said...

I have to tell you... this one might be my favorite yet:

Btw... where's everyone else? Where are my happy birthday vids?

Missy said...

There is so much I could say about this video but I want you to be surprised by what it is. If you aren't singing along by the time the end of the video comes I have not done my job.

Mr. Punk said...

@Papajimmy: 17?!? Man, am I in trouble. Robert Pattinson can act? *badommp-ba!*

@tonymontana11484: Dance like Elizabeth Shue? Seriously... you've just been waiting for an excuse to post that video, haven't you?

@Missy: Please tell Leonardo I said, "Happy Birthday".

@Punk: Happy Birthday! I didn't know you shared a birthday with Leonardo! Here's some gifts:
Obligatory Tom Cruise Link:

Coach said...

Happy birthday you punk! I found a good one but too many people read this now. Ask me another time or Beth. All I have to say is the ROCK I thouhgt you would get a kick out of this one though

coach said...

ok the other one would have been cool but for some reason it didn't work. This one is better anyways

Now I figured out the other one, again happy birthday!

Punk said...

Thank you, everybody!

Mr. Punk, m'dear, I'd like to see you burst out of a cake, Burns-style, if you don't mind...

Coach, thanks for the vids. The fish one depressed me. The Beatles one just confused me. I didn't know they had another version than this one:

Happy Birthday to meeeeeee!

Homegirl said...

Happy Birthday Punk. Hope your day was a happy one! I would send you a link/video but I don't know how - quite challenged in this department. Maybe you and Missy could walk me thru it one day:)

Dione said...

Happy Birthday Punk!

Punk said...

Thank you to everyone for a very nice birthday.

Homegirl, posting vids is a whole cut/ paste URL tactic that I'm sure is as technically unsophisticated as can be. Call Missy and nag.

Dione, thank you so much for the vid! Those Japanese are a crazy bunch, are they not? Mr. Punk is obsessed with the Japanese culture and he's downright mesmerized by these game shows. He's all, "How is it that the most dignified people on the planet let off steam in the least dignified manner?" And I have no answer.

Again, thank you everyone. I feel so loved. :-)