Pregnancy Purgatory

The ultrasound yesterday showed us much of the same. Instead of an egg sac dated 5wks 1day, we now have one dated 6wks 2days. Proper growth for the amount of time but still no baby or signs of baby. The nurse that drew my blood (checking those HCG levels again), said that my placenta is still producing hormones to support the pregnancy because it hasn't "gotten the message yet" that there is no baby. I'm not sure if this makes this placenta a good one or a stupid one. hmm... well that's all the new information I have. I told you it wasn't much. I'll probably have to have my HCG checked again next week. Past that, I have no idea.


Punk said...

I kept telling you what a fantastic incubator you are. I wasn't wrong.

Missy said...

It would be useful if there was anything to incubate. :)