Confessions of a Confessionaholic

Yesterday I may have indicated that I intended to let my mind wander over deep, thought provoking and life-changing topics. I have done just as promised and I will now share these earth shattering thoughts with you in an attempt to make you more Dali Lama-esque or, at the very least, as mind numbingly foolish as me.

  • I feel pretty confident that I just invented the word Confessionaholic. Perhaps one day "they" will stage an intervention to get me to shut-up. I won't go quietly.

  • I just wasted an unreasonable amount of time watching country music videos on youtube.

  • After watching today's video for the Bill's Organized Team Activities (OTAs), I've decided that Trent Edwards needs to work out his lower body some. That boy is too skinny. He's going to get killed out there with all the full-sized men. (Yes, I did just call a 6'4" 230 lb man undersized)

  • Welcome! to my newly "adopted" sister, Molly. Say he's cute and we'll get along just fine. (he's the one in the middle in case you are blind.)

  • When I showed Punk the above picture she responded as such, "Let us pray: Thank you, Jesus, for making Trent Edwards... thank you for putting him into a profession in which there are many pictures of him on the Internet. Amen. " And we all say, AMEN!

  • I love this commercial. It makes me want to sing in a cab with a middle-aged fat guy.

  • David Beckham is Coach's man-crush. I realize that this confession isn't actually mine, but since we are "one" in the eyes of God I'm going to act like it's O.K. to make confessions on Coach's behalf.

  • The term man-crush makes me giggle.

  • I was really aggravated with the powers that be when they postponed releasing the sixth Harry Potter movie. However, every time I watch the preview, all is forgiven.

Honestly I could go on like this all day. However, I feel you've been sufficiently abused for today. You are dismissed.


Homegirl said...

I was just plain mad when they postponed HP6, but then something happened. I got involved with a vampire and have been happily obsessing over him/them for the past couple months and I am ashamed to say I haven't given Harry a thought since. Thanks for bringing me back to reality. I actually clicked on your preview link (i've never done this before) and can't wait for July 15th. Now I must get busy because before I can see the movie i feel compelled to re-read books 1 - 6.

P.S. the term man-crush makes me giggle too :)

Anonymous said...

David Beckham is too hot!!!- A Jollie Good Mother

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of country music for the most part. However if you have any recommendations i am always open to hear them seeing as I have been cranking Lady GaGa for two days now at work after hearing you rave about some of her tunes.

I do wanna know exactly what a disco stick is though.......

Punk said...

You know how in the last confessions you told, you know, everyone that I can't resist clicking a link? I would just like to inform you, and, you know, everyone, that knowing those links head to country music filled me with insane willpower. It's a heady rush, all this willpower.

Jollie Mama likes David Beckham. Heeeee.

I couldn't bring myself to click open that TE picture again. I didn't even need to. I sat here with my hand on the mouse a little over-salivated and incoherent just thinking about it. THE JEANS. If I open the actual picture, my life will stagnate as I sit here sighing over it.

You're a good sister. Christian Bale, Trent Edwards, David Beckham and the most fun cabbie ever. Yeah, you're a really good sister.

Missy said...

Mom, I'd like to say, there is no such thing as too hot. :)

Tonymontana, I feel pretty certain that you know what a disco stick is and I personally don't care to explain it where my mom can read. As for country music, I find Brad Paisley a great place to start. Try youtubing his songs Alcohol and I'm still a guy.

Homegirl, is it cheating if I rewatch the movies instead of rereading the HP books?

Punk, what can I say, those jeans are pretty nice. The T-shirt isn't too bad either. Overall I'd say he's a fine dresser.

Coach said...

Jollie mama, that David Beckham is my man crush. Actually that goes to all of you. Stay away from the Becks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!