30 Things, 30 Days, 30 Years. Hike!

Today is the one month mark until my 30th birthday. Over the past few months I've noticed other women on the brink of the big 3-0 making lists of 30 things to do before they turn 30. I love lists. They are a passion of mine. In spite of this, I did not make a "30 things before 30" list when I first discovered the concept. Instead I chose to wait until there remained a mere 30 days until the end of my 20s. I've always performed best under pressure. I live for stress. And drama. Leaving myself only 30 days to complete the list puts me in a riveting time crunch (I know you. You are riveted by my amazing skill of procrastination.). I should probably go and get to knocking items off the list. Truthfully, I have no time to waste on frivolous opening paragraphs. Pft.

Actually now that I think of it, I don't really have time to write the list either. However, I can't think of a better way to procrastinate doing the list then actually writing it down, so here goes.

  1. Pet a cow.
  2. Buy a house
  3. Learn how to properly and successfully execute a basketball lay-up.
  4. Fix this disaster of a farmer's tan I accidentally started today.
  5. Do 300 push-ups and 3000 crunches 
  6. Cry and Whine about how sore I am from doing 300 push-ups and 3000 crunches.
  7. Schedule my first ever colonoscopy.
  8. Move my family into a new house. This will be sort of a hunting and gathering process since we have crap stored at various locations throughout two counties.
  9. Have a BBQ on my new deck.
  10. Try a new food.
  11. Attend a homeschooling mother's luncheon. (I'm counting this on the list because it's going to eat a whole day out of my 30 and that's just not fair.)
  12. Give Matt and Mallory each a great birthday. This includes but is not limited to: baking cheesecake, purchasing multiple items with the name Selena Gomez on them and pretending to be interested in who the Bills choose with their second round pick in this years NFL Draft. Yeah, I'm bored already too.
  13. Go shopping. Buy a dress. If you knew how I shopped you would have made this two items but I'm serious about this list.
  14. Play my own piano in my own house for the first time since I got married. 
  15. Go on a hike. A real, up into the mountains, get eaten alive by starving mosquitoes hike.
  16. Teach Mallory how to make a cheesecake.
  17. Use this list as an excuse to let myself go. Shower less, brush my hair less, etc. You get the idea.
  18. Get my dad to refer to Trent Edwards as my boyfriend in front of my husband again. Awesome.
  19. Take my kids to a nursing home for a visit.
  20. Clean my bathrooms
  21. Buy new pedals for my bike so I can take bike rides with my kids.
  22. See Manhattan at night.
  23. Perform the Justin Bieber song Eenie Meenie Minie Moe Lover as a poem for an audience.
  24. Find a black eyeliner that doesn't make me look like I've been punched in the face after it's been exposed to a little bit of sunshine and heat.
  25. Get a new tattoo.
  26. Teach Anthony how to read. This way he can spend his whole life bragging that he learned to read when he was only 3. Even if he fails miserably at everything in life he'll at least have that.
  27. Convince Matt and Ryan to take the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' Challenge and then post photographic evidence of this contest on the Internet for my own amusement.
  28. Hug a stranger.
  29. Spend an exorbitant amount of time shopping for and picking out the shoes Matt will be buying for me after my colonoscopy is done. I am open to suggestions.
  30. Take a picture of Matt and myself and both kids together in our new house.


The Boob Nazi said...

I'm sorry, what? Colonoscopy?

Christy said...

great list...i am impressed! i was thinking of doing a 100 things in a 1000 days type thingy but now what i do is say i have a list and when i do something that isn't part of my routine, and there is someone there who might be impressed...i say..
oh...it's on my list. so basically, i randomly add things to the list once i have completed them...this way i achieve 100% success. it amuses me.

JadeLD said...

Wow that's quite a list! Good luck with them all, there's quite a mixture of different things there. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

JoeyRes said...

I'm turning 30 in August (thanks for the reminder). I had a colonoscopy already (2004 I think). It was awesome! I think I could give Katie Couric some competition for promoting them. Seriously, I'd been having intestinal distress and being all cleaned out after that thing was the best.

tbsomeday said...

i love your list!

my sister in law has a really good chocolate cheesecake recipe if you need one

love the hug a stranger one
and the nursing home one

hoping the song performance will be cross posted here...

not so sure about 3000 crunches...you let me know
and the 300 push ups!

ps--i LOVED turning 30! it was like suddenly people had to give you some respect :)
i almost brag that i'm 30 when people ask (well, 31 :)

Amanda said...

Dude, you got this one. I mean easy as pie. You could probably knock off a bunch of these today...buy a house, pet a cow, buy a dress...I mean easy peasy. Wait, maybe not the house part. And as for the cheesecake? Teach her the lazy woman's way out, and that's from a box, or a tub of already made cheesecake filling that you put into a crust. :)

I'm on my countdown, too. I've got until July, so I'll have my list written around May 30.

Jessica said...

My dear, I personally feel that you should edit "pet a cow" to read "tip a cow." Go full-on country bumpkin. Then tell me how one goes about tipping a cow so I know if I want to try it or not.


Grand Pooba said...

And teach me how to make a cheesecake too!

Nah, just make me one instead.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

#7. There's no need to punish yourself simply because you are leaving your 20's behind.

Jessica and Jason said...

Superb list! My best lists include when I can actually get "list" as an item on said list. I rock.

But, um... colonoscopy? Really?

Anti-Supermom said...

My husband had a colonoscopy and thought it was the best thing, after the fact...

whatever, I didn't mean to highjack this post to talk about poop and colons.

You'll love 30, but don't stress about petting that cow or that stranger - if it doesn't happen, it does happen.

Happy *Almost* Birthday

Ms Bibi said...

That's quite a list, but if anyone can do it in 30 days you can....go,go,go

Queenie Jeannie said...

30 is nothin'!!! I am having way more fun in my 40's!!! Enjoy it all!

Uptown Girl said...

I should start a list of stuff to do by 30 too (bday in december) or maybe I'll just use my new years resolutions as the list. There will be no colonoscopy and no hugging of strangers and no house buying on my list. You are so ambitious.

I'll just buy 30 dresses or somthing.

Yankee Girl said...

I love the list! Especially the tattoo one! It is a great way to mark turning 30.

Heidi O said...

What a fantastic list! I guess though that i missed that boat. I will have to be 37 for me this year. I like the idea of it. hmm must go and think of my list.