Oh And I Lost At HORSE

So this might come as a shock to you but I'm working on a post for tomorrow. Seriously, like planning and thought are happening over here. All right you busted me. A more accurate description of what is going on over here is that I started a post that is taking longer then I wanted it to and now I'm tired and want to go to bed. Also I figured that you spent your entire Easter thinking of me and wondering what I was doing and I'd hate to disappoint you so here is a little taste of my Easter.

In case you haven't figured it out already, I am not the kind of parent that goes overboard for holiday gifts. My kids will never receive a video game in their Easter baskets. My general rule of thumb is if it costs more than $4.50 it's probably too nice for my kids. So this year for Easter I specially chose baskets that I could reuse for whatever basket needs I might have. (I only bought new baskets because the ones I usually reuse got put in storage somewhere.) In the baskets I added dollar chocolate bunnies, coloring books and coloring pencils (or crayons depending on the kid). I realize that by doing this I ran the risk of one or both of my children keeling over dead from deprivation of excess. I took the risk and am proud to report that not only are my children still breathing, but when Anthony saw the Bible themed coloring book in his Easter basket this morning, he exclaimed with great joy, "I got a coloring book of heaven!"

Then I let him color heaven. Then we ate a traditional Easter breakfast at Matt's parent's house. This includes an egg dish, an egg bread, something called grain pie and white wine all served at 10 am. We don't even pretend it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

After breakfast I worked on my farmer's tan while my kids rolled around in the mud in their nice clothes. Then we ate again. That's what holiday's are about: eating.

Once Matt and I had the kids in bed I worked on making Ryan think I was a better person and watched Yankee baseball. I do not feel like a better person yet. Maybe I have to watch three of four games before the self-improvement kicks in.

Then I went to bed. (after I hit post of course.)

How was your Easter?


tbsomeday said...

i did spend much of easter day wondering what you were doing...thank you for letting me know, lol :)

good for you for keeping your kids' gifts simple!
that's a gift in iself and something i strive to do
your son's comment was SO cute!

grain pie?
what is that??
it sounds good to me

Jessica said...

You had me at "deprivation of excess." I'm going to quote that at least once every day for the next week. Genius.

Ry said...

i appreciate your existence that much more now for watching some baseball.

Go Mets! Let the kids tune in at 1:00.

Amanda said...
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Miss. Ardeth Blood said...

Kids and mud sounds like laundry will be a blast this week for you.

The Boob Nazi said...

Planning a post? Hooray!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Easter was good. Josiah learned that it is more blessed to hide than to hunt ... or something like that.
I didn't do Easter baskets; I did little Easter gift bags. I didn't have grass and the bags were a better fit anyway. We were going to give them coloring books but I gave them plain notebooks instead. (It encourages imagination) ;0) And whoopie cushions because... farts are funny.

coach said...

The comment about the nintendo games in there Easter basket was about her darling husband. NO I am not Trent Edwards.