Proof That I'll Eat Anything

I haven't shared a recipe with you guys in awhile. So I figured why not (kind of) share one with you today? Truth is it's been hard to get back into the kitchen since Kareem lost his battle with Anthony and had to be laid to rest in a beautiful ceremony that involved the garbage can.

I cried.

And then there was the extensive mourning period.

I tried to move on. I brought other toys into my kitchen to help cook.

But it just wasn't the same. In spite of this hardship, today I felt it was time for me to get back to cooking. Why today you ask? Well, quite frankly, my kids are starting to look noticeably skinny, and I thought they might benefit from a meal.

The kids and I have been reading this book Grow It Cook It. It's a beautiful book, full of colorful pictures and short text portions. Perfect for young kids. Now if you couldn't figure out from the title of the book the premise is that first you grow your veggies and then...wait for it... you cook them in the recipes provided in the book. Today we reached the first recipe in the book, and I decided that the kids and I should make it together.

The glitch with this plan is that we JUST planted our garden. It's nowhere near ready for the cooking process and waiting for the plants to mature isn't an option because Grow It Cook It is due back at the library in three weeks. So I did what any good green-thumb would do: I went to the store to pick up some magical miracle grow and came home with an already ripe eggplant and some tomatoes.

The kids and I roasted tomatoes, grilled eggplant and then stacked them together to create a tower. Once our tower's were created I let Anthony add the yogurt to the top. He loves yogurt and waited impatiently all day for this step.

 Did I fail to mention that I made Anthony wear a pink and purple apron for this event? I'm just doing my best to make sure he doesn't run out of things to talk to his therapist about when he's grown.

After I drizzled our snack with honey, Mallory sprinkled almonds over the top and voila! a disgusting and inedible snack.

I have to say that Mallory managed to choke down half of hers, but Anthony ate two bites and declared himself too full to finish.

I took one bite. Then I did the thing I never do to my kids: I lied to them. With my mouth full of what had to be a practical joke on the part of the author of Grow It Cook It, I smiled at them and said, "Mmm, that's so good." Then I turned my back to them and threw up in my mouth a little.

Matt refused to even try it. I feel confident that this makes me the better parent.

I win.


Bellsys said...

You ARE the better parent! I am proud of you all. Next time skip the eggplant and try zucchini(a tad less yogurt might help too.) Otherwise, ditch the whole idea and make zucchini cupcakes.

Is that Mallory's picture I see in the cookbook?

I love the fire extinguisher on the counter!

Amanda said...

Winning IS the most important thing. And? Anthony must be the most patient child in history to wear that apron willingly.

I love getting cookbooks from the library because I cook from them like crazy and then we go back to the crappy old meals we had before. But eggplant, tomatoes, yogurt and HONEY? Sick dude.

Ry said...

dude. that snack sounds gross.

tbsomeday said...

i'm all about grow it cook it...but that doesn't even sound edible!
i hate eggplant and don't care for tomatoes...then the stuff on top....yuck :(

good for you for trying!
hope this doesn't scare them away from veggies forever :)

coach said...

no chance in the world i would ever eat that even though I love those children. Would rather have them mad at me than having to eat that "dessert". Sorry kids I love you but that ain't happening.

Punk said...

Do you remember that episode of "Friends" when Rachel made a tiramisu (I think) and the pages of the cookbook got stuck together so she layers in ground beef and peas with the ladyfingers and custard or whatever?

I so thought that's what happened with this recipe. I totally did. But, no, it's right there in the cookbook in the 2nd picture, in full color.

Yuck, dude.

Dione said...

First of all, I've missed you! Second - you should have turned the page and looked for another recipe. Where are you planting your garden? Aren't you supposed to move soon?

Kathy English said...

Wow. Eggplant is ok, deepfried, but I can't imagine it with yogurt - your kids were brave to try it! How about some kid-friendly chex mix? Cheerios, pretzles, goldfish crackers - bake with the worcestershire/butter drizzle, then when cool mix with raisins and even some m&m's for chocolate crunch if you like :-) My kids couldn't get enough of it, and even wanted me to bring it on our turn for preschool snack :-)

kaci jo said...