Making Good On A Promise

Last week I made a promise to Trent Edwards and even though I'm certain he didn't take me seriously because he didn't even get close to scoring a touchdown, I'm going to make good on it.
I don't have to heart to say anything else about this game except I kind of wish I could rewatch it on dvr or something so I could see where it all fell apart. And then I could cry.
I bet you are grateful I can't rewatch it because then you'd have to listen* to me drivel on about it, instead I give you, bad hair. (and not my own.)

Please, please, please score a touchdown next week. I'm begging you.

* I understand that you are not technically listening. I promise I'll write about something else soon. I'm tired and need to educate my children so they can get good jobs and support me. I'll be back soon.


Punk said...

My love, I think it's safe to say that we, your dedicated readers, have nothing to add.

Sorry for your loss. So to speak.

Dione said...

I didn't take your threat seriously, because Trent usually looks pretty hot, but yeah... he should have listened to you!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

OK. Lesson learned: Stay on Missy's good side, because we ALL have dangerously bad pics in our past. . .