This Post Needs More Cowbell

Things are going smoothly over here in Missyland. Have I not mentioned Missyland before? It's a cross between Dollywood (only with smaller boobs) and The Neverland Ranch (only with fewer little boys running around and overall less creepy)
The reason things are going so smoothly is because I've actually been working on all those pesky responsibilites that I usually sidestep with such grace and agility. I'm like a ballerina when it come to procrastinating. A pretty, pretty ballerina...with a pretty pretty round belly.

I'm tempted to rattle on and on about the things I've accomplished over here and how lovely my eyebrows look, but tonight with my kids tucked safely into their beds and with Matt out cold with his lingering illness, I say BAH, BAH ON YOU RESPONSIBILITES. If I want to stay up until the wee hours of the morning Youtubing videos and avoiding my pillow I will.

And because I am your friend, I'm going to help you avoid your repsonsibilites relax too.

First let's go back in time and listen to Pete Seeger sing Little Boxes. I watched several different video versions of this song and also enjoyed this one as sung by the writer of Little Boxes, Malvina Reynolds. It's cool to hear the original and the video is biographical so check it out if you have extra time. YOU HAVE EXTRA TIME. That's how this procrastination thing works. You make time for the second video.
That was a test. Please don't let me down again.

After this video I decided I was in the mood for that Pete Yorn/Scarlett Johansson song, so I shot over there. It's delightful and mellow. I enjoy the vocals and it killed 2 minutes and 35 seconds, so good for it. I don't know what's up with the weirdo messages on the video but it's not that hard to overlook so enjoy.

Then I though to myself, "Self, do you know who else has a nice mellow voice that you enjoy listening to?" And then I thought back to myself, "Why yes, yes I do. John Mayer has a delightful singing voice and he has a new single. We should check it out."
And we did.
It occurs to me that I have begun to refer to myself in multiples. Not to worry I'm also talking to myself. Carry on.

I have no idea why it won't let me use a smaller video I'm sorry. If you are starting to get into this procrastination thing and like John Mayer's guitar and mellow voice click here, here,  and here.  Disclaimer: Not all of those links are John Mayer videos, actually only one of them is.

At this point in the evening I briefly considered checking out some live Jason Mraz videos becauase he's delightful to watch live but then chose another path.

I loved this movie as a kid. The whiney blanket, the grumpy vacuum, the irritating radio, the annoying lamp, The Brave Little Toaster. Loved, loved, loved it. As a sidenote did anyone else find it creepy how they refered to their owner as The Master? Sounds like some kind of dark magic film that way.

I thought long and hard and searched high and low for a video to end this post. I wanted to use the Web Site Story, but was unable to embed it. Then I thought to myself, "Self, do you know what this blog needs? More Cowbell." (yes, I carry on dialogue in my head this often.) But sadly I was unable to embed this as well. But then I had and idea, everyone likes Billy Joel, right? (do I sense your excitement.) Billy ends all his shows with Piano Man so I searched for a live performance of Piano Man to share with you.

Then I previewed it. It's amazing. It gives me chills. I love the excitement that he can build by simply playing the piano. I love the sound of the piano, the way he performs, the swell of the band behind the piano and the crowd singing. I love music.

Now that I've put responsibility in it's place I'm going to go and tweet about how I'm going to go and brush my teeth. Goodnight, you've been amazing.


Dione said...

We're having a wonderful, gloomy, rainy day here and instead of walking 4 miles I decided to sit on my butt and waste time. How did you know? It's like you've got a magic camcorder!

Speaking of multiples and music, check this out!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

everything sounds better with more cowbell. (sorry, can't view videos from my work computer. . .)

Missy said...

wow, Dione, that was cool. Even Braden turned away from the Ninja
Turtles for about 10.5 seconds to acknowledge that Beat It was playing on the computer.

Mr. Punk said...

I also love The Brave Little Toaster and quote it pretty much constantly. "A customuh!". I never questioned why all his appliances refer to him as "The Master". His name was Rob, why didn't they just call him that? Perhaps your right about the dark magic... maybe ol' Rob cooked up a spell that gave his appliances life and an undeniable urge to seek him out... *sings "Once took a Texan to a wedding!"

Missy said...

I think you are onto something Mr. Punk. Clearly there is some dark voo doo something going on here.