What The Internet Taught Me Today

I was extremely productive today. I... um... took a nap while Matt washed up the dishes. Then I sat at the computer and filled my brain with the wisdom of the Internet. I will now share this wisdom with you. You're welcome.

  • I learned that if I walked past the windows of Suite 301 at roughly 10:30 am, I could have seen the Football Wife in all her carb eating glory attempt to keep Babycakes from eating a tampon.

  • That Nie Nie is going to be on Oprah tomorrow. If you aren't familiar you should definately check this one out.

  • That Tuesdays are a slow news day for the Bills. The blogger over there (I should so be the Bills official blogger) reported,
" Trent in on day off - It's a day off for the players on Tuesday, but Trent Edwards was in the film room for most of the day... Trent usually is in on Tuesdays getting a jump on the upcoming opponent."
Riveting stuff. Although if I was the blogger over at buffalobills.com, I would have let everyone know what he chose to wear to work and how his hair looked. You have to know what the people want and give it to them.

  • Finally Ree over at The Pioneer Woman has taught me that it is perfectly acceptable to keep food laying around your house for ten years if you intend on using it at some point. Also this same blog post has taught me that when I am ashamed of something, I can simply substitute the word you for I and it's all better. She encouraged me to try it. So here goes,
 Every time you scroll past that picture of TE that you posted at the start of the letter you wrote to him, you get lost in a sort of Bermuda triangle that his beauty creates and the next thing you know, it's time for you to make dinner and your kids are covered in glue and feathers.

You are not ashamed.

You are not ashamed.

You are not fooling anyone.


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

riveting. and it totally sucks me in every time as well. perhaps we need an on-line support group. . .then, we'd really be in trouble!!!

Punk said...

Shame? What's that?

... Have we forgotten the Toronto Jay's picture with the *jeans* and how I couldn't even bring myself to click the link the day you posted it because I knew that I would get stuck RIGHT THERE staring at that all day long?

You've forgotten, haven't you?

... Never mind.

Missy said...

I think you're on to something with the support group, Rachel.

Clearly we have three members already. You, me and Punk.

I'll bring the doughnuts.

Grand Pooba said...

Doughnuts? I'm there!

I am so going to try that "You" for "I" thingy!

(I've got my DVR set to record Oprah today!)