Why Kids Should Drink Beer On Thanksgiving

So here we are. Tuesday. I'd first like to congratulate you on surviving Monday. I know a lot of people struggle with that. I personally had a harrowing day. I did multiple loads of laundry, cooked dinner, homeschooled kids (by the way, Bella read to Matt today and he actually said, "I didn't know she could read that well." Booyah!), cleaned my freezer out and got attacked by an Indian tribe. The Nags Mama Tribe.

Crazy Bird

The kids and I spent the last few weeks reading a book called, ... If You Sailed On The Mayflower in 1620. It was a fascinating account of what the pilgrims wore and what kind of table manners they used. It also let my children know that children that sailed on the Mayflower drank beer. Thanks Ann McGovern, for included that little nugget in your children's book about our founding fathers.

Makes with Trouble
Little Makes with Trouble (that's what I'm calling Braden these days) doesn't sit very well for story time. When it's his turn to say Bible verses, he runs around the room until he runs into something while saying his memory verse. He doesn't do much better for the seated reading portion so I was shocked and I mean shocked to discover that he could answer questions about the story. Who knew he was listening?

So these are the kinds of preparations we are making for Thanksgiving at our house (you know besides the homemade biscuits and 10 pies). How about you? Are you elbow deep into your Thanksgiving prep or are you skipping all of that to spend the proper amount of time game planning for Black Friday?


Kristina P. said...

Your kids are adorable!

It's just me and the hubby this year, so we're going to class it up and go to Golden Corral. No dishes is fine by me!

The Boob Nazi said...

I'm preparing for 40ish close family members. UGH. We're not making all the food, but it's still stressful and will make the holiday not as fun as I'd like.

Tammy Howard said...

Oh, the Nags Mama Tribe! I am intimately familiar with their traditions!

Young Wife said...

Stopping over from SITS. I saw your blog post title and had to come check it out. Did the author mention that children played with drums and whistles and bows and arrows? Sheesh. We're taking a little vacation with my husbands side of the family, so all I have to do is pack. We'll be eating turkey at a restaurant.

Punk said...

You know, when I first read "10 pies," I thought *exaggeration.* And then I remembered that 1,369 people will be on attendance at Mom & Dad's. Good luck with those ten pies.

We, on the other hand, shall be driving. Then we shall be eating dinner at a Ruby Tuesday's, as is our practice.

The Punks: ignoring tradition since 2003!

(Seriously, good luck with those pies.)

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

still questionnable whether I survived Monday or not and we'll leave it at that.

happy thanksgiving!