Bella and Braden

So I thought I'd check in. I laugh at myself for "checking in" on purpose. No one knows about this blog so clearly no one reads it, yet I check in.

I keep thinking I should post some about my kids. Honestly they both have colds and are insufferable these days. Still I love them, I swear. My daughter will be turning five in the spring, it's sort of a bizarre feeling. I kind of feel like I'm not any older than I was when she was born but FIVE, my god. I'm going to have a five year old.

So I love this picture b/c it hosts two of the things I love the most. No I'm not talking about my brother-in-law, lovely as he is with his face all stuffed with burger. I'm talking about my girl and the Buffalo Bills. I'm sad and pathetic I know. My husband, his brother, his godmother and I take the kids to one Bills game a year and this was us tailgating in 08.

Not to be forgotten is my sweet little girl's beast of a brother. A brother that had mommy up at 4 am on Sunday. Yes, 4 am and then didn't go back to sleep and made sure I didn't either. He's 2.5 and at an age that's so cute and lovable and so awful and miserable all at the same time. It's a good think he's cute. I'm just saying.
You may have noticed the doll house behind him and (be prepared to be mortified) I let him play with it. I encourage him too. (seriously, whatever keeps him out of trouble)
For those of you (who aren't reading this blog) who are greatly troubled at this I assure you that he has an entire room dedicated to bulldozers and matchbox cars. Sleep easy knowing that.

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