Like a genius

So I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself this morning. We had a snow/ice storm all day yesterday. So this morning my husband got me out of bed because he couldn't get his car out of the driveway. So we put the car in neutral and pushed. No luck. So I suggested I push his car with mine (it was parked in front of his.) I figured that if you have a car as powerful and intense as mine (nissan sentra) why not use it to push another car. It totally worked, because I'm like a genius. Of course then he was stuck on the wonderful hill that we live on.
Pure ice, people.
Then, because it's not fair to keep all this superior knowledge bottled up, I suggested he pull back into the driveway, do a three point turn and pull out instead of back out. What do you know, it totally worked.
Told you I was a genius.

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