Defective Mom

OK so I was reading one of my favorite blogs and she was talking about how she can't go to the store without buying her 2 year old something. So last night I went to the store to get out of the house and I was thinking I should buy something little for my kids. Honestly, my kids have everything. I simply can't justify spending money on something that they have something similar to already. I did eventually end up buying them coloring books and crayons but the cheapy dollar ones. I then proceeded to buy myself like $25 worth of make-up. I'm thinking that this makes me a somewhat defective mother. Shouldn't I be chomping at the bit (yes, I used a horse reference while talking about myself, that's got to say something) to spend money on my kids even on things they don't need instead of buying crap for myself? In my defense, I was running out of foundation so I NEEDED it. The purple liquid eyeliner was just because it was so cool and I couldn't buy the eyeliner without the accompanying eye shadow or it wouldn't have looked as good. I did draw the line (no pun intended) at the purple mascara, but how cool does that sound?
I may be a defective mother but I'm a super-fantastic daughter (I've had longer to practice at this). My parents and six (yes six) of my siblings are currently on a cruise and I've agreed to dog-sit. That's right they went on a cruise and I got a dog. She's the best kind of dog though and my kids love her to pieces.
Also as a side note (because I'm a total dork) yesterday were the announcements for the NFL hall of fame inductees and not one but two Buffalo Bills were selected!! So congratulations Ralph Wilson and Bruce Smith!! I'm super excited for you!! (can't you tell by the number of exclamation points that I used in this paragraph?)
So my husband and his god-mother want to go to the hall of fame game and festivities. Um, have they seen the prices for this thing? I have and it's a crapload of money. We just ordered our Bills season tickets, I feel fairly certain that we can't swing and additional grand for one weekend of football. Well, maybe if I stop buying make-up.

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