My husband and I spend every February watching as many of the Academy Award nominated films and performances as possible in preparation for the actual Oscars. It not only makes the awards ceremony tremendously more interesting and gives us something to do in the month after football season officially ends and free agency begins, it opens up a whole world of awesome films we would not have otherwise watched.
Last year we watched La Vie En Rose, a movie I had no interest in watching but Marion Cotillard's portrayal of the French icon Edith Piaf was nominated so I sucked it up and settled in on the couch.
Not necessarily the film but the performance. She ended up winning and while I'd be willing to bet that most people that were watching had very little idea who she was I was ecstatic.

This year we've managed to get through 10 of the films nominated and have about 8 more to go. The big surprise for me so far has been Milk. Sean Penn's performance was my favorite that I've ever seen of his. Stunning film. I don't usually like movies that seem so politically driven and in light of the prop. 8 controversy in California these days I anticipated that I was in for alot of preaching. I was wrong. This film told a story, and told it beautifully. I really wish I could recommend this film to everyone I know but most of my family and friends wouldn't bother because of it's gay content. My dad refused to watch Juno for crying out loud because he felt it supported teenage pregnancy. So I'm telling you. If you enjoy a good film, watch Milk. There is a reason it's nominated for so many awards.

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