Fairy Godmother by marriage

Sometime last week I wrote about how two Buffalo Bills are going to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in August and how we wanted to go but it was too much money. I mentioned that it would cost us like $1000, which as it turns out was a lie. Since there are two of us it would cost $2000. Which naturally I have that much under my mattress... So I resigned myself to the fact that this hall of fame trip was a pipe dream and consoled myself with dreams of trips to Buffalo for regular season games. (I know I'm a complete dork)

The Coach's godmother, G.G., has spoiled him his whole life. I don't think she's ever thought twice about spending money on him. She has no children and the Coach is pretty much her boy. So when she found out that we couldn't make the Hall of Fame trip, she volunteered to pay our way.


She won $3000 in a Superbowl pool and decided to spend it on this trip and didn't want to go without the Coach. All I had to do to benefit from this arrangement was make a lifetime commitment of marriage to G.G.'s boy.

It's at total win-win for me.

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