I feel sorry that I signed up for this cycling class. Oh my gosh we have 25 minutes left. I'm going to die.

Increase your resistance!

Really, seriously, you want me to what!?

You should be feeling the burn now.

If by feeling the burn you mean actual fire shooting out of my thighs then yeah, I'm there.


This is hell. I am actually in hell. Think about something else. USC Trojans. USC Trojans. Condoms. Oh that's no good.

Back to the saddle and ride it out.

Is it time for the stretching yet? I love the stretching, that means it's over. Ooh, The Killers. I love The Killers.

C'MON! Double time!

Are you freaking serious! I hate you. I hate you. I hate you ALL!

10 more seconds! PUSH!

I'm so happy I could cry. Or maybe that's the pain talking. I don't know anymore.

And you're done.

Oh my gosh, I haven't been this relieved since...


since all that Cutler for Edwards talk turned out to be a rumor.

You're my quarterback, Trent. (wipes away tears)

See, everybody wants to be T.O.

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