Losing my religion

Last night I dreamed that I had a loose tooth that was getting progressively worse. It's a common dream that alot of people have and I, myself, have had it many times before. Generally it's stress related, most often financial. However, financially we've been able to make ends meet for about a year now and even the prospect of our potential financial loss doesn't really stress me. We've done without before and we could do it again if we really had too.

I think the most telling thing for this dream was the dream that followed. In my second dream my grandmother died. (she's been dead for 4 years) She was an amazing woman and I've always felt it was my greatest compliment that my grandfather feels that out of all of his grandchildren, I'm the most like her. (the con on this is that I have her big feet.) Irregardless of that I have so much respect for who she was and would love to be like her. In my dream though I never saw her we only went to her "house" to sort through her things and I stumbled across a rosary that she had made (strange because none of us are Catholic) and really wanted it.

The truth is that I have been stressed about a few things lately. I tend to internalize stress so as not to bother anyone else with my problems, but now that it's possible for me to get pregnant again (or even be pregnant already) I'm starting to freak out a bit. I have no control over the outcome, what if something goes wrong again? what if there is something wrong with me? what if I'm screwing something up? I'm scared.

The other possible interpretation is spiritual. Dreaming about someone you've lost can mean that you feel you are losing something in yourself that you shared/admired about that person. Lately I feel like our family is neglecting the spiritual aspect of our lives. We haven't been to church, read the Bible and only pray together at dinner. As someone who believes very strongly that God is the most important part of anyone's life it's particularly disturbing to me to feel like I'm losing that aspect of my life.

There you have it, my dreams and what I believe there interpretations are...feel free to attempt an interpretation if you like.

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