Ugh. My life is boring

So there hasn't been much going on around here lately. I've been scouring the internet for word on any Free Agency signings by the Bills. So far it justs looks like Fitzpatrick, Hangartner, Florence and a whole lot of back and forth speculation about Coles.
My life is seriously boring.
I saw this picture online of a flower in California and it spoke to me, it said, "move to California". I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen. Although Governor Patterson is trying to withhold all state worker's pay for 5 days and then not give us the raise that was promised in our PEF contract so maybe I could talk the Coach into it. Probably not. Honestly though how much money does the Governor make? I get that he's trying to make ends meet in a recession but so are the rest of us and we are doing it with ALOT less money. And I'd be more than willing to give up our annual raise this year if you can guarantee me that my heat, electric, garbage pick-up, phone/internet/cable and grocery bills won't increase either. Ugh, the whole thing just disgusts me.
Speaking of disgusting, I'm potty training Braden. I promised him yesterday that if he went all day without peeing in his pants he could wear his Bumblebee (transformers) underpants. Today, true to my word, I put his Bumblebee underpants on him and then he pooped in them. If you had super-cool Bumblebee underpants you wouldn't poop in them would you? Of course not. Once again. Ugh.

On a less "ugh" note, Bella started crying this morning because I told her I wasn't going to throw her a fifth birthday party if she didn't start acting like a big girl or something to that effect. Big old crocodile tears. Not because I threatened to take away a birthday party but because as she put it, "I don't want to be 28" um,...what?
I assured her that she didn't have to be 28 but I can't promise that I didn't laugh in her face.

All right off to wash some dishes. woo hoo. It's just crazy over here.

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