My kids have really cute clothes

Why is it that when you have kids you seem to automatically have no nice clothes left? None of my mom friends really have more than one or two nice outfits to wear, whereas, my non-Mom friends have like entire rooms dedicated to clothes. Seriously, I'm not even joking.

For something like the last two week to five years I haven't had anything to wear. Honestly, I've stooped to wearing my workout clothes around the house and throwing a hoodie on to go to the grocery. (this would be my vain attempt to not look like a slob, crap I am a slob.) OK so I've let things get so bad that I only own 1 T-shirt that fits properly. That's right ONE and it's in the laundry. I have several shirts that are far too big from last winter and a handful of shirts that are too small (mostly too short, I have boobs people.) Irregardless of why they are too short I'm not comfortable showcasing my fluffy, stretchmark ridden belly to others. As a matter of fact I prefer to avert my own eyes when passing a mirror.

I am going shopping. Not for kids clothes, not for new jeans for Matt not even for groceries. (gasp, I know) I am going shopping for myself because I'm in a desperate way for clothes. I'd be more excited if I was skinnier. ;) Still having an extra shirt to wear while I'm washing the one I already have will be nice. Topless is not a good look for me, unless of course your Matt and then I guess it is.

My mom discovered this discount clothing place so we are going to try and check it out tonight. Hopefully they have some cute stuff. I love a bargain. Love, love love a bargain. Maybe I'll have some good bargains to chatter mindlessly about tomorrow.

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