Being Five is the Best Ever

I mean really when else in life can you spend your day filling your new Barbie Car with miniature My Little Ponies?

Then just by chance Leonardo might swing by. The ponies haven't seen Shredder around.

Then you get to eat the cupcakes you helped to make after you've already had chicken fingers (with honey mustard), french fries and ice cream. All while wearing the same dress that mom washed the night before because you wanted to wear it for your birthday even though this is the third day in a row you've worn it.
Finally waking up the next morning to show off your new bright shiny and colorful accessories. Look closely now. Those are multi-colored ribbon hair extensions complimented by a sparkly rainbow headband. And of course the bracelets and rings which she color coordinated to have the same color rings on the hand that is attached to the arm that is sporting the matching bracelet.
Honestly when was the last time you had a birthday this cool?

1 comment:

Punk said...

Now that is bling.

Mal, you rock.

Happy b-day, little girl! Jabberwocky!