Tomorrow is the NFL Draft. I could write a whole blog about that, but honestly that sounds incredibly boring. It would also most likely be really short since I don't know that much about the draft. So instead of predicting the future of athletes I'm going to babble about myself. I'll warn you ahead of time there is no sense of continuity to this blog.

  • Ever since the Buffalo Bills retained Dick Jauron as their head coach siting continuity as the reason, I snicker and giggle when I hear the word continuity. It kind of feels like I'm in on some kind of joke, or the recipient of one.
  • I spend a great deal of my day IMing random pictures of cute boys and youtube videos to my sister. While I understand that this is wildly immature and a huge waste of my time and energy I don't feel ashamed because she always returns the favor.

  • Even though I told my husband that I can't stand reading all the NFL Draft mocks and speculations about who is going to what team, I'm secretly excited to hear who the Bills select. I even read a blog entitled The NFL Draft is Awesome today and...pause for dramatic effect... really liked it. Even if you don't care about the draft, his writing style is fun.

  • This picture was my background for quite some time last year. I'll let you guess why. I love my men sweaty.

  • I'm afraid of bees. Really afraid. Spazzy even.

  • I wish I could go to TwiCon. I'd be ashamed but I'm pretty sure all of my pride is long gone.

  • How many times can you link to one person in a blog before you are considered a stalker? I guess that's not so much a confession as a cry for help.


Punk said...

Mr. Punk is afraid of bees. It's one more way in which we balance each other. He shrieks. I laugh.

Also, I think that the link for how I "favor" you should lead to a music video. Think Our Lady Peace (yes, on your blog!) or Paramore or Kings of Leon or The Black Keys.

Or one of my current faves:

or the ever fun:

And I don't know about you, but I can stop anytime I want....


Missy said...

I did have trouble not linking every word to something. I just thought that would be annoying to anyone who isn't us. (Mr. Punks?)
Oh and this one is for Matt.

Missy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Punk said...

Who is that woman and why does she matter to Matt?

Also, are we linking on our husbands' behalfs now? Because Mr. Punk has totally given me permission to be a Twilight freak so long as I allow me the liberty of going on and on about her:

Punk said...

er... allow him. You know what I mean.

sneak attack:

Missy said...

well if this isn't proof that all we do is act like pre-teens all day I don't know what would be.
The girl is Robin Mead. Some news anchor.

because I'm wrong in the head.

Punk said...

You will never see this coming.

I'm calling it...

"Branching Out"

Also, you don't act like a pre-teen all day. You also clean and cook for your family. I don't even bother with that amount of nonsense.

Mr. Punk said...

Don't mind me... *takes screenshot of Punk's last sentence*

As you were... *munches another handful of popcorn*

Punk said...

Are boys allowed in here? Especially ones prone to blackmail?

Also, is anyone allowed who doesn't leave a link?

My point: GET OUT