Dancing Makes You Brave

Aaah, another week over. Friday is here; time to drop the stresses of the week. Having trouble letting go? You could try yoga, or follow the advice of an actor playing a Hollywood agent loosely based on a real person and try "Hugging it out", but I prefer to take my advice from actors pretending to be surgeons that sleep around and "Dance it out".

Below are a few different options for you to dance it out to.
Commence Dance Party! Ooh Ooh! (Imaginary strobe light flickers)

First up, a personal favorite of mine. Metallica in Lego. Mr. Punk, you know I'm your favorite sister-in-law.

A Little Black Keys, shake it baby.

Kickin' it old school with everybody's favorite rapper turned preacher.

Are you still feeling tense? No matter what went down this week you can be grateful that you aren't the NFL Quarterback that threw out this first pitch on national television. Seriously, he throws a ball for a living.
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Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody. Last chance to dance it out. C'mon, make Wayne and Garth proud.


Punk said...

You, maybe, just maybe, rock.

I love Christina. Who doesn't love Queen? Metallica as Legos? Classic. Possibly, one might say, genius.

And how do I love The Black Keys? Let me count the ways...

*wanders off mid thought to do a little old-school hip swinging*

Mr. Punk said...

Whew! Wow... I don't know about anyone else, but I feel great! I'm not one to take advice from pretty actresses pretending to be surgeons, but I'll watch them dance, sure.

I'm still banging my head to the Lego Metallica.. but find myself wondering who thought the suits were a good idea (probably Lego James Hetfield since he's the only one not wearing one) and who smashed fruit on Lego Kirk Hammet's head (again probably Lego James Hetfield).

Ahh, and nothing settles the spirit like watching a video of MC Hammer and his hoochie-momma-spandex-crew convulsing around various city locations.

Bohemian Rhapsody, Black Keyes, Hugging it Out, and not being Trent Edwards... Weekend here I come!

Dione said...

Again, I know nothing about football, or baseball for that matter - but I'm gonna say that was not a good pitch! Then again "nobody listens to the girl"!

Coach said...

That Hammer he is just so hyped and to all that read this, I once had pants just like those. I was the freaking man!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Loved the Lego video! Thanks for sharing it. Of course, I had to see if there were more Lego videos for my son...