I Blame my Mother

If there is one thing the Coach is really good at it's making sure I feel special on my special days. Clearly he's willing to do whatever it takes. Any man that willingly goes into the shoe department with a woman is one worth keeping. Yet after all that he still said, without a hint of hesitancy, we can do whatever you want for Mother's Day.

Well I already have a new dress and a killer pair of heels, what else could anyone possibly want out of life? Then I knew what I wanted to do. I didn't want to go out to eat, go shopping or even leave the house at all. I wanted to stay home and clean my house. I didn't want the Coach to clean it either, I do a much better job. What kind of crazy wants to clean her house for Mother's day?

I blame my mother.

I blame her for all of those years of teaching me how to clean and making me go back and clean it again if I only did it half-way. I blame her for the outline I drew up containing all the major bullet points of the things I wanted to clean and then some minor points so they didn't get forgotten. (don't judge me, it's Her fault remember.) I blame her for beating the importance of proper grammar into each of her children causing me to obsessively read and reread this little blog scouring it for flaws. I blame her for how much I love shoes. I blame her for making me different from others by showing me that it's more important to make decisions based on your convictions rather than on what is socially acceptable. I blame her for how important I think it is to stay home and care for my children. I blame her for how I love others.
Mom, I am all your fault.

My cleaning plans were derailed slightly by a feverish toddler. I spent a better time of my morning holding Braden in my lap as he drifted in and out of sleep. Once in awhile I would ask if he wanted to go into his bed and he would always say, "No, I want to sleep in your lap." I couldn't think of a reason, good or bad, to deny his request. So we snuggled together almost all morning.

I handed him off to the Coach long enough to run to the store for some pedialyte and milk with Bella and got to listen to her rattle on and on about some nonsense. I honestly could not tell you what a single thing she talked about meant, but she had some big stories to share and I was more than happy to listen. On the way out of the store I let her buy some Girl Scout Cookies and she overheard me talking to the lady about where to sign her up for Girl Scouts. I'm pretty sure she told everyone she talked to for the rest of the day that she was going to be a Girl Scout.

After that the kids settled in to watch old Ninja Turtles videos on youtube (God bless you, youtube.) and I turned on my ipod and dusted, vacuumed, swept, mopped, Lysoled my bathroom and ran laundry. After my house was clean, I made tacos for my family and we ate dinner. Then I cleaned the kitchen. Again. I think I might be sick in the head because I loved every minute of it.

Thanks alot, Mom.


Anonymous said...

YAY Bella is going to be a girlscout!?!?! Do i get free cookies? I sure do hope so seeing as i am a wonderful Uncle. Hey if you like cleaning so much. Come clean my place sometime. You know cleaning ladies make decent money. A few days a week cleaning peoples houses you could rake in some serious extra loot.

billsrule69_2004 said...

I must be an excellent husband if I let my wife clean "Her" House on Mothers Day. Believe me I tried to take this woman out and all she wanted to do was clean. This house does look good though I must say. Very good! The girl can clean. She also did a great job with Braden. He wanted no part of me especially when he went to the door screaming "I want Mommy" I guess he likes her better lol.

As for the cute girl joining girl scouts, Its about time right? Now her fat dad can get as many samoas as he wants.......believe me that's alot.

A Jollie good mother said...

I accept responsibility.My job here is done.