When I Grow Up, I'm Going to Be 10

I haven't been getting too much sleep lately. All last week was full of restless nights and last night I couldn't fall asleep until 2 a.m. landing me a whopping 4 hours of sleep. So even though I have a few ideas for blogs that I'd like to share with you, I lack the mental fortitude to actually pull them together.

Normally when I can't think of anything to share I go on a rant about youtube and link you to multiple pictures of Robert Pattinson and Trent Edwards. Today I'm too far gone for even that.

Today I'm here and I'm about 10. In case you've forgotten being 10 is awesome.

These kids make up 6 of my 7 younger siblings. My kids are also on the trampoline somewhere. I spent the day with them. I corrected their schoolwork, made them do chores and practice piano. At some point one of them said, "You're kind of like a mom." After five years of service someone finally noticed. Sweet.


Dione said...

I came from a large family too! I was the third oldest of 10. They also thought of me as a mom, but that wasn't a compliment! No matter, they love me now!

Your Jollie Good Mother said...

They all love you so much. Some days they might even wish you were their mother!

Punk said...

Oh, man, do we love this crew or what? Look at M's face in the first pic. I could totally haul that kid off the trampoline and kiss him. Well, except for the fact that he would never speak to me again. That is a problem.

I often think that the younger kids are surprised when they remember that I AM their sister. I think to them, I'm just the chahead's mother. And the chahead is one of them. Nothing more complicated to the relationship than that.

Can I say, this really doesn't bother me until Mr. Punk starts asking me what the nature of his relationship is to *pick a kid* there. That's when I start throwing up my hands.

Missy said...

The nature of his relationship with them is to ignore the ones that need ignoring, and to randomly knock each one of them down a peg whenever it should strike his fancy.
You can quote me on that.