Who the heck is Susan?

Braden's birthday was this past weekend, but since we were busy celebrating a new marriage we didn't have a party. Which means that tonight we had family over to celebrate Braden's 3rd birthday and now it's quite late and I can't think of a thing to blog about. I'm going to take this blank brain issue as an opportunity to answer a few questions that have come up since I started this blog.
The first question is an obvious one. If I am Missy and I write this blog than who the heck is Susan? Only Punk and Birdie have figured it out. I'm guessing that this is because we have the same twisted genetics. For the rest of you who don't share our DNA I'll explain. It's simple really. I have no idea who Susan is.
She's a song lyric by Rich Mullins. I've always loved this song, it's on his album The World As Best As I Remember It Vol. 2. Which as it turns out is the only Rich Mullins' album you can't purchase on iTunes. Try as I might I can't find a video of this song and the only audio I can find of the song is this one. For those of you that can't access the link or just plain don't feel like clicking it I'll post the full lyrics at the end of this post. In the meantime here is a little taste of what Rich Mullins sounds like.

You may have also noticed that the URL for this blog is nobodylistenstothegirl.blogspot.com which is what the blog was originally called. The reason behind that title is football related and I'll spare you. The reason for the change was simply because I got sick of the length of the original title.
Moving on to question number 2.
How do I post a comment?
At the end of each blog is a spot that says how many comments that blog has. Click on that. Then if you have a blogger account, you simply sign in and type your comment and post. Easy peasy.
If not then type your comment. When you are done typing it you will be asked to choose an identity to post as. Choose Name/URL (even if you don't have a URL) Then type in the name you want to use and skip the URL option. Hit Post Comment. You will then be prompted to type in a series of letters. This is just to keep my comment section from filling up with spam. After you've typed the random letters, hit enter and voila your comment should appear.
Deep Breath. You can do this. If all else fails you can post as Anonymous just try to remember to identify yourself in the actual comment so I can say hi to you.

What Susan Said
Vs. 1 "Two lonely-eyed boys in a pick-up truck
And they're drivin' through the rain and the heat
And their skin's so sweaty they both get stuck
To the old black vinyl seats
And it's Abbott and Costello meet Paul and Silas
It's the two of us together and we're puttin' on the mileage
*And we both feel lost
But I remember what Susan said
How love is found in the things we've given up
More than in the things that we have kept
And ain't it funny what people say
And ain't it funny what people write
And ain't it funny how it hits you so hard
In the middle of the night
And if your home is just another place where you're a stranger
And far away is just somewhere you've never been
I hope that you'll remember I was your friend
Vs 2. Two full grown men in a huddle of kids
And they're trying to help them to believe
What is too good to be real
But is more real than the air they breathe
And it's Wally and the Beaver, David and Jonathan
It's the Love of Jesus puttin' on flesh and bone
*chorus x2
I hope you'll have the strength to just remember I'm still your friend"

1 comment:

Punk said...

Firstly, hee to twisted genetics. Awesome.

Secondly, I think it completely rocks that Birdie got the blog/ song reference. Did it make you feel a little better that someone who doesn't share a brain with you got it?

Thirdly, the youtube song you posted is probably my favorite. Might be. Hmm. One of them anyway.

Fourthly, I haven't actually heart "What Susan Said" in oh, so many years, and I had definitely forgotten the lyrics. Now that they're sitting right there, I've decided I love this song. *sigh* I really, really like Rich Mullins' music. Yeah.

Hey, how was your TMNT party? How was the extended fam? Fun fun fun? Or just odd, odd, odd?