They say it's your birthday...

Since today is my birthday I figured I should be able to do whatever I want. I am, after all, a grown-up. (I use the term loosely of course) I've decided that today I would like nothing more than to...Lay on this couch, which not only looks comfy it also looks like no potty training children have ever peed on it. That alone makes it better than mine.

Listen to music on the IPOD Nano I got for my birthday. Partly because it will drown out my kids but mostly because it doesn't have any Disney Princess or TMNT songs on it.

I would like to do these things while sipping on this.
I think I've already made my feelings on this drink clear.

Unfortunately, by the end of the day my house would look like this.
Only less pink...

...and my kids would probably be naked and crying like this one.

Then I would have to be all, "Ssh, mommy can't hear her ipod over your crying, plus you're ruining my caffeine buzz. Don't you know it's my birthday?"


Anonymous said...

WHAT A BLOG!!!! man was i entertained by all of this.

Punk said...

This maybe sounds like the bestest birthday ever.

... is that a picture of my kid? It looks awfully familiar... ;-)


Coach said...

As usual your blog made me smile and gotta be a stand up comedian. I love you very much!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Pretty

Mr. Punk said...

Today is also Star Wars Day! Lucky!
"May the 4th" be with you.

Dione said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope at least one of those wishes came true for you today!