I Promise I'll Keep My Shirt On

If you only know one name of a current football player, it's probably Tom Brady. Except if you read this blog, then I would hope it's Trent Edwards. You may have also heard of a guy named Terrell Owens or T.O. if you prefer. T.O. is a wide receiver (which means that he runs and catches the ball).

Do you recall the football player who pulled a sharpie marker out of his sock, signed a football and gave it to a fan during a game? Or who took a cheerleader's pom poms and cheered his own touchdown? Yeah, that's T.O. He's considered one of the best in the game and he's come to Buffalo.
This is a very big deal because no one wants to come to Buffalo. It's cold. And we never make the playoffs. You can't win a Superbowl if you can't make the playoffs. It's sad really.

The thing with T.O. is, he knows he's good and he likes himself, a lot. Like a lot a lot. As evidenced in this photo from the Bill's OTA's.

What you are looking at here is a 35 year old man wearing a spandex one piece long sleeved unitard. You know, like a ballerina. A 6'3" 218 pound ballerina. To be fair, a lot of players wear these. You know, when it's cold outside or um, under other clothes. Not T.O. He doesn't want all his gym time to go unnoticed so he just threw a jersey on over it. He might have put on the jersey for modesty, but I'm pretty sure it was so everyone would know who he is (#81) when he makes a big play.

Here T.O. is modestly showing us his abs. (and she's pointing to them like we wouldn't notice on our own) Part of me wants to judge him for being such a showboat. But being perfectly honest, if I had abs that nice I would never put on a shirt.


Punk said...

I'm very excited to have T.O. on board. No, really. Anything to keep T.E. happy, right? And we loooooove T.E.

Hey, T.O., over here! Nice abs, dude. Why are you even wearing a shirt?

How much do I love the idea of a football player cheering his own touchdown? That is just awesome.


coach said...

That lovable character T.O. He is just going to love being in Buffalo and be a good citizen until about week 8. Once that happens he wants the football and if he doesn't get it, well Trenty Boy is in for a whole lotta trouble. It's ok though I think Trenty can deal with it. Well Jeff Garcia couldn't, Donovan Mcnabb couldn't and we all know Mr. Jessica Simpson couldn't so this is Trents turn. I love u kid.