I Would Buy You Shoes For No Reason

I had a rough day today. It was crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. I spent a good portion of it crying or on the verge of crying. While I was blubbering into my bologna sandwich, Punk was faithfully holding her post on IM. She didn't judge my blubbering, or anything I said no matter how serious or foolish. She's awesome like that.
It is our practice that when the other one feels like crap we send each other music videos or silly pictures of famous boys. My special request today was for pictures of my nephews and she so kindly obliged. I'm sure it was pure torture for her.

When two Punks procreate you get a Punk child. Does this shock anyone?
Makes you smile though doesn't it.

Don't let the sweet little blond child fool you.
He's a bigger Punk than the rest of the family combined.
A Punk baby.

Here we have Punk child's artistic interpretation of a Punk baby. It moves me.

I'm not sure which direction.

This one is just because I like looking at my own kids. They are so cute to me.

A special thank you goes out to Punk, who always finds a way to show me she loves me. Urg. I always notice and I love you back, even if it's with country music.


Anonymous said...

Aw, I'm sorry honey,You should have called me. I'm sure I could have cheered you up with an ice cream cone or something. - Mom

Punk said...

If ever I doubted your love for me, I beg forgiveness. "A special thank you" alone has secured my knowledge of your affection for me beyond all doubt, forever more. That's not even taking into account "rough day," both "craps," and "famous boys." Swoon. Oh, an "pure torture." That one never gets old.

I should go on and on about how adorable my boys are, but let's be real here: has anyone seen a Chahead like my Chahead? No. And Punk Baby might be sweet and blond and snuggly LOOKING, but that kid has a set of lungs to put Jared Leto to shame (mmmm Jared Leto). He's a rock star. Rock star temperament and all.

Oh, and you're welcome. You know I've got your back, baby. I and my unrighteous anger on your behalf. :-D

The Football Wife said...

hope tomorrow is less crappy!

coach said...

After looking at that house day you have to feel better and how stingking cute are those two kids in the last picture? I wish I had something to do with them. They can win contests or something!