I'm Going to Get a Job Working In The Rice Paddies.

It's late and I've had a busy day. I always feel guilty saying I had a busy day because my mom and Homegirl each have six kids at home. There is no way I am as busy as them and they don't seem to complain about it. Yet I complain. I am a complainer. But I'm honest, so there is always that. I forgot what my point was.
Ah, Yes.
I went to the doctors yet again today. First let's back track to Friday. For the past three Friday's I've gotten the same phone call from the nurse at my OB's office. Things don't look good. You'll most likely start cramping and bleeding this weekend.
This past Friday was no exception, only this time I almost laughed out loud. How many weeks in a row am I going to get the same call. Then, I might have blown her mind a bit. She said, "Do you want to schedule an appointment for a D&C?"
No. No I do not.
She seemed completely confused that I was OK with letting things take care of themselves. She might have even stuttered a bit. Is it wrong that I giggle at this? Honestly, I feel, for lack of a better word, kinda Zen about it at this point. What is meant to be is going to be and we are just waiting for the plan to unfold. I'm good with the waiting. This is just a small portion of my life and I don't see any need to rush things.
So I'm not really sure why I had to interrupt my busy day to go to the doctor's today except that they wanted to make sure I'm not ready to jump off a bridge or something. We did the whole, how are you feeling, any symptoms, any bleeding...blah blah blah. Then they syphoned out more of my blood, they said it was to check my HCG levels but I swear they are feeding a family of vampires or something.
The midwife has decided to confer with the doctor and give me an idea for a timeline of how long they'll let me ride this thing out. Also I'll get those useless HCG numbers tomorrow. I'm starting to see the benefit of the lack of medical intervention offered by third world countries.


Punk said...

Rice Paddies. Hee.

Family of vampires. Hee. Is there something about the useless HCG levels that are special to this family of vampires? Some tasty little treat? Do they maybe like how the hormone messes with their minds, like special brownies or something?

What does it say about me that this is where my mind takes me?

Also: grr. argh. urg. As requested.

And if it makes you feel better: *pitying nod*

Now I'm snickering. Do you see how you've affected the rest of my day? Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Missy,We need to be grateful that we don't live in those third world nations and as useless as it seems at this moment, Your Drs. are looking out for you. They can't change the outcome but can help along this difficult road.Without your medical workers you may never conceive again.With them you most likely will. And Punk: Did you have a couple of "special" brownies for breakfast? - Your Jollie Good Mother

Anonymous said...

Me and Doctors fail to see eye to eye on most matters.