Expect the Unexpected

I bet that some of you think that I'm going to blog about my mom's party today, but I'm not. I'm tricky like that. Just when you think you know what's coming, BAM, I do something completely unexpected. All right so I'm not that tricky, I'll most likely write about the party later this week, but I would like to get a few pictures to share along with the blog before I do.
And now for the unexpected.
Last week, my mom and I were talking about the boys that she dated prior to my dad. (I told you you wouldn't see this coming.) She mentioned that she would sometimes talk to her grandmother about the boys and my great-grandma would tell her, "Watch out for those touchy-feely boys." I just loved this. I always remember my great-grandma as seeming very old. In my mind the idea of an old lady passing on this particular piece of advice just cracks me up.
Honestly, this advice seems kinda silly and frivolous. By now we all know silly and frivolous is just my style, but if you think about it for a minute, it's really good advice. The touchy-feely boys often either don't care which girl you are as long as you let them touch you or don't respect the you the way they should and you don't want that kind of boy.
I wonder if my mom recognized the kind of gem that her grandma was passing on to her at the time. Often we don't recognize good advice the moment we receive it. Sometimes it takes time, experience and maturity to truly appreciate good advice.
As I sat tonight trying to think of what the best advice I ever received was, I couldn't think of a darn thing. My parents worked really hard attempting to instill wisdom in me, and I wouldn't be shocked if my mom cringes a little every time I post a link to a cute boy or a video of a boy dancing in heels and a leotard. However, most of the things they taught me seem to come second nature and I don't really think of them as advice. Except, of course, for my dad telling me that "Basically all men are pigs." At the time it seemed like a joke, and Punk and I would giggle about it. Turns out, that one is true too.
So now the time has come for me to bestow some wisdom on you. For you girls out there, heed the advice of the aforementioned old lady, she wasn't always old and she knew what she was talking about.
For you boys, Never pee in front of a lady. It's not cute. Ever.
O.K., now go out into the world equipped with this advice and live full and happy lives, but be sure to vote in the new poll I put up first. This too is solid advice.


Punk said...

Grr. Argh.

Also, never take wooden nickels from strangers. Or something like that.

Also, girls, boys are weird. Accept it now so it doesn't take you by surprise later in life.

Also, boys, listen to your wife. She is surprisingly astute, no matter who she may be.


Dione said...

Actually, I think it's kind of cute when little boys go pee - er, that is from my vantage point - which is of their little backside. It's one of the few times they stand still for just a moment and they look like they're actually thinking about what their doing. You don't see either of those things very often so I try to enjoy it while I can!