Ignoring the Elephant to Listen to Some Tunes

Michael Jackson died. There I've said it. I've addressed the elephant. I'm sure that there will be a great many tributes to his life popping up all over the Internet. While I understand that he's a musical icon, overall his life saddens me. He was so lost. So confused. So sad. So I apologize to all of you who are offended but I will not be celebrating his life on my blog.

At the risk of seeming cold-hearted I'm going to clumsily jump topic to a different musical group now.

As you may or may not be aware. (or even care) Green Day has a new album. I care. I love Green Day. I admit this with ease as it is significantly more respectable to love Green Day then to love the Jonas Brothers.
They've just released the video for their latest single 21 guns and I'm loving the mellow rock sound. Also there are a lot of close-ups of one crooked toothed, eye-liner wearing man with a guitar just for Punk's enjoyment.

I know Green Day is known for their foul language but I've made sure that the videos I'm sharing are clean.

A live version of one of my favorites off their last album. The video quality isn't great but the music is really good.

I've listened to Holiday more times than maybe any other song ever based solely on the lack of swearing. My kids love Green Day but lets be honest, it's not kid friendly. Holiday was the compromise. The video is ridiculous. Love it.

This one is because I love guitars and wish I could see Green Day live. I'm sure they'll be out promoting their new album soon. I'm just saying. In case you aren't sure what to get me for Christmas (it's only 6 months away) or in case you love me so much you feel the need to spend money on me for no reason whatsoever.


Coach said...

We should all have a tribute to the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Although in life he might have been lost his career was unmatched in many ways. Billie Jean is one of my favorite songs as are so many of his. Thanks MJ

Missy said...

I love you...dork.

Dione said...

Keep your eye open for a future MJ tribute on my blog! I'll forgive you since you were only a baby at the height of his stardom! And because he kinda ended up a bit of a freak.

Anonymous said...

I grew up on Michael. Although i don't understand his actions later in life, i personally don't think he ever meant any harm to anyone.

MJ is a top 5 entertainer of all time.

Greenday is pretty solid though also.

Punk said...

There's a line in The Starting Line song "Given the Chance" that talks about performing that says, "The words of things I think about/
Hearing them coming back/ From the crowd's mouth is perfect."

Tell me that in the Basketcase vid, right between :25 and :30 that Billy Joe Armstrong isn't feeling just that. Look at his face! That's a performer who loves his job right there.

And, dude, if they weren't so foul, I would be at one of those shows so fast. You know it's good. Look at that crowd! Listen to his *voice*.