My Original Trent Edwards

Saturday morning I woke up kind of slow. I meandered around my house, picked up odds and ends and chatted with my mom on facebook. I had no idea where my day would take me, or of the life-altering yet exceptionally wet experience I would have. I continued around my morning trying for all I was worth to think of something to do that didn't involve laundry.

Then the phone rang.

It was my mom. Homegirl had called her and they were looking for extras for a movie that's being filmed about 30 minutes from my house, do I want to come?

Do I want to come? Will I have to wash laundry if I go? No? I'm there.

The kids and I arrived on set (Don't I sound cooler now? I am cooler now.) and signed waivers and got the once over from a girl in rain boots. We passed.
Then a girl with the most unnatural tan I've ever seen in person set us up in a line for BBQ for the background of the scene and then we stood there. And then it rained. All of the extras huddled under a teeny tent that was not designed to keep rain out while the actual actors hung out all dry and such.

While we were under the tent someone asked who the actors in the movie were.
Then they spoke his name.
No, it wasn't Brad Pitt, not Matthew Mcconaughey either and definitely not Trent Edwards. (he's an athlete not an actor, people.)
The name was Nick Stahl.

See now you're all scratching your heads and wondering who the heck is this Nick Stahl. I'll tell you who he is.

He's my first ever celebrity crush.

When I was 13 I watched the movie Man Without a Face. It's a Mel Gibson movie that starred none other than Nick Stahl. He was so cute and I was so 13.

Upon hearing that he was one of the main actors in the film, I made a break for the nice dry tents that I assumed he was in and professed my undying love to him. Or I might have just gasped and confessed to Homegirl, and everyone within earshot (which was pretty much everyone), that he was my childhood celebrity crush.
Her reaction to this news solidified her absolute awesomeness. She whipped out her camera and stalked him, paparazzi style, around the field, she hunted down the person that gives permission for a picture with him and then took a picture of our kids with Nick Stahl, just so I could have a close-up picture. At one point while we were setting up for a scene she came over to me and physically turned my head in his direction so I wouldn't miss out on being up-close and personal with the man that started all this foolishness. Clearly he's scanning the crowd for me. He needs to find me.
Asking his buddies if he should talk to me. He's torn, conflicted.

I see you too.

He tried to smile, but he was just so disappointed that I wasn't in the picture. Poor Nick. I feel for you, I do. But I'm a married woman now. It just wouldn't work out, I'm sorry.


coach said...

That Nick Stahl is a stud muffin but the dude from Twilight is just so much cuter!

Punk said...

Dude, when you called me, I was floored. Nick Stahl? Seriously? No way!

And how cool is it that he did pictures with the girls? Way cool, that's how cool.

Hey, I was thinking about rewatching Safe Passage in honor of this occasion. Remember the jello-dreads? Awesome.

What say you? Up to it?

Anonymous said...

now thats how you live life! boom! awesome.