Turns Out Someone Loves Me Enough To Spend Money On Me For No Reason

Because I'm going to see Green Day!!! Coach bought me tickets. Isn't he awesome?
It was my intention to go on and on about how awesome my husband is. The problem is I just read a blog that got me all riled up. It's about baseball players getting time off for social anxiety. You read that right. Oh, don't even get me started on how many ways this bothers me. Seriously, AAAAAHHHHH! That's what I have to say about that.
Everyday people deal with suffering and loss all the time and still get out of bed every morning and take care of their responsibilities and no one is paying them millions to do it. I might be overly angry about this. Despite my serious agitation at this I'm going to attempt to move on.
Sort of.
See this reminds me of a day last week when I was hanging in the hood with Homegirl. (I've been dying to use that phrase for you don't even know how long.) Her sister suggested I blog about pet peeves. Clearly it's a pet peeve of mine when people shirk their responsibilities. I also get super annoyed when people use the wrong their, there or they're, your or you're and hear or here. Once again I'm going to pass the blame for this grammar pet peeve onto my mother, who home schooled as much bad grammar as she could out of me.
One of Homegirl's pet peeves is when people act like she's inconveniencing them when they are actually the ones in the wrong and her sister (who is desperate need of a cool nickname for my blog) hates those powdered tea mixes that bury the scoop halfway down the container so you have to dig for it.
Today I had a delightful experience that demonstrates a few of my pet peeves.
This afternoon I was stuck in traffic while an accident was cleared away. I was stopped at a four-way intersection in which someone had unwittingly pulled into the middle of, thus blocking any flow of traffic. This action so angered the van to my left that he felt it necessary to lay on his horn. LAID on it. Like that helped. Like it would soothe people or magically give the car in the intersection a place to go to. It didn't work. We still had to wait.
Also, what's with the aggressive driving when traffic's at a stand-still? We are all in this together; you don't need to try and cut off the car in front of you. It won't get you there any faster, girl with the old beater with annoying bumper stickers.
Let's just all take a moment, step back and consider why they've stopped multiple lanes of traffic. There was a car accident. You don't know how bad it was. Someone could have been seriously injured or died. Someone who has a family that cares about them. People's lives may have been tragically affected. Get a little perspective, have a little compassion, their plight is way worse than you not getting to Wal-Mart fast enough.
And now I will sum up my pet peeves listed in this blog:
1. Whiny millionaires
2. When people don't know the basic laws of traffic, like you aren't supposed to enter an intersection if you can't make it all the way through.
3. When people honk their horns in a traffic jam.
4. Having to dig for the scoop in the iced tea mix.
5. The apparent lack of compassion and overwhelming selfishness that we operate under most of the time.
6. How annoyingly preachy this post is.
7. That I never got around to gushing about how spine-tinglingly awesome my husband is.
I'll be nicer tomorrow...probably.


Mr. Punk (Caffeinated) said...

Green Day! Awesome! Have fun!

And if you look at the enlarged full-size version of Coach, it looks like a miniature Ernie is stabbing him in the neck.

I love preachy posts...

1) Keep in mind though that these people likely would be whining and taking advantage of the system even if they weren't millionaires... they just wouldn't have as many opportunities to.

2) I find that most people's true nature is never more publically on display than when they are driving. With that said, there are a lot of insensitive, impatient, self-concerned people out there who would seemingly drive over their own mothers if they were in the way.

3) See #2 - I usually laugh when this happens.. it's like someone screaming "I'm a jerk!" and they just want everyone to know it.

4) Any innovative solution would probably cost the company too much money to implement. Maybe you could pour the tea mix into another tupperware container, a wider container would also help when trying to get the last bit of tea at the bottom.

5) That is seemingly what it all comes down to... the root cause that we all realize but that none of us can achieve.

6) *shrug* It's your blog

7) I'm sure putting his picture up for everyone to see is thanks enough. ;-)

Dione said...

Yesterday I yelled "Stupid" at a car - then I had to listen to my 2 year old (who barely talks) say "Stupid" 50 million times.

A pet peeve of mine? When parents teach their children to cuss by example. Luckily "Stupid" is not a cuss word.

coach said...

First things first that is one handsome dude! Second I have the same problem.....I tend to get mad at people if they cut me off or beep there horn. Even if I try to stay calm it will never happen for me. I am set in my ways! This girl can sure blog!

Anonymous said...