A Snapshot of This Moment

This morning while I was pouring his cereal, Braden asked me to put these sunglasses on him.Once they were in place he said, "I look fab-le-ous. Like Donny and Mikey and Leo and Raph."

What's cooler than a turtle? A turtle in sunglasses eating Kix.

Not to be out done by her fab-le-ous brother, Bella must always have her picture taken if Braden has his taken. God has declared it to be so.
It's in the Bible.

In preparation for selling this place, we thought an island in the kitchen would be a nice addition. No, you don't agree?
This dresser was in the "baby" room and we are sending it into storage so we can turn that room into a toy room. (For what it's worth, I hate toys.)
We have to wait until this evening to get a truck and I needed it out of the room so I can finish cleaning it and putting all the toys in it. The kitchen seems like a perfectly logical place to put it, doesn't it? (The disassembled crib is taking up the hallway.)

This is why I need a room dedicated to toys.
I Hate Toys. (did I say this already?) I don't buy them. Almost all of these toys are courtesy of someone else's generosity. Not to me mind you, because if it was generosity to me they would have bought my kids guns and explosives instead. It would have given me less stress.

This is Braden's bed. No matter how many times we take these stuffed animals out of his bed he keeps putting them back in. It's a constant annoyance to Coach. On occasion he lectures Braden about it. For the record, lectures to a three year old are a waste of time.
I hate toys.

Look, look! A mostly clean room...with a really big toy in it. Yep, that's a train set. The kind they have in Barnes and Nobles. I'm certain that my kids life would have been incomplete without it. Years and years of therapy and possible thumb sucking. They may have never recovered.


Anonymous said...

"I hate water sooooo baaaaadddd"

Missy said...

I don't want to be here fo-evah.

Punk said...

I remember your bed growing up... I remember you spending the time counting fifty stuffed animals as you neatly arranged them every. single. day.

Braden, I love you, buddy. You keep biting mommy in the buttocks. It amuses the rest of us.

Bella, primadonna, boihwet;uiohalafj. *smooch*

Am I allowed to quote Braden too? "Injo Turtos"

Dione said...

Love the new island in the kitchen. It has a workspace for him and an even taller workspace for her (assuming she is 6'4").

Now that you have a room dedicated to toys, may I suggest you put a lock on the door? That's what I do (insert evil cackle here).