The Couple That Confesses Together...

So I'm going to mix the confessions up a little this time around. Coach is going to pitch in dishing on his embarrassing inner thoughts and feelings. Hopefully it adds another dimension to the post since I'm a little country and Coach is a little Rock and Roll, but we are most certainly not the Osmonds.

Now that we are all settled in with our Sonic milkshakes let the confessing begin.

  • Coach is obsessed with the show iCarly on Nickelodeon. Now he's trying to take it back..."I'm not obsessed." Yes, yes he is. He even rewatches episodes that he's already seen.

  • I sometimes wish I could get a job at Sonic just so I could wear roller skates. I think it would be awesome.

  • Coach says, "I would give up a toe for the Bills. I would, no doubt about it." I'm not sure if he means for the Bills in general or what...oh he's just informed me that he meant for a Bill's Superbowl win. Great. Now I'll have a freaky 9 toed husband, of course, if it means the Bills win a Superbowl I guess I could live with that.

  • I eat children's vitamins. I'm too lazy to open my own so I just eat my kids when I give them their vitamins. Coach has just informed me that he's hooked on the Children's Benadryl. I see rehab in his future.

  • Coach hit a cardinal with his car today. (that's what you get for taking out our QB.)

  • Not to one-up Coach but I ran over a cat last night and I didn't even cry. I'm so cold-hearted.

  • Coach just admitted that I'm tougher than him. (in so many words.) He has just retracted his recent statement. Now he's making excuses. He told me I have to delete this confession and called me kid.

  • I'm only 3 weeks younger than Coach.

  • Coach thinks that "Humpin' Around" is a great song. I apologize on his behalf.

  • Coach and I agree that Jamie Foxx is, in Coach's words, "Crap." He annoys me. Um, Jamie Foxx annoys me, not Coach. I like him. (are you gagging yet?)

  • This post was more for my enjoyment than yours.


Dione said...

I just wanted to make sure you know that that's not Donny. Speaking of the Osmond's - I've seen Jimmy at the mall in Provo. He was wearing a trench coat. It was the 80's.

Oh, and I went to high school with a bunch of Osmond grandchildren. I don't know who their dad's were, though. There's too many of them.

So, I must confess, I'm practically famous.

Missy said...

I knew I recognized you from somewhere. You're the girl that went to high school with the Osmond grandchildren. I remember now. :)

Also, I updated the Osmond link so now Donny is proudly pictured.

and, um, could I possibly get your autograph?

Homegirl said...

While I'm not famous or anything, I do eat children's vitamins (2 at a time and only the red ones - make the kids eat purple and orange) and we (Stone Cold and Me) are both fans of iCarly...

As far as a cool name for my sis, try Pheobe...