I'm Sad

I'm not going to delve into the details of the awfulness of this miscarriage or how incredibly brutal the hormonal influx is. I cry a lot. I feel alone a lot.
Yesterday, I had my two week check-up with my doctor and while I was alone in the room with my thoughts I could hear the patients in the next room listening to their baby's heartbeat. If I hadn't miscarried the first time I'd be eight months pregnant.
To help me deal with this, I spoke with my resident therapist, Punk. This is what she prescribed.

oh, how I love football. He's not half-bad either.

I have no idea what's going on in this picture. I kind of like it that way.

Yeah, let's be honest, Johnny Depp doesn't need a caption.
Just because.

This one is for the boys. See, I'm not completely selfish, just mostly.

That Punk, she's quite the therapist. Of course just about the time I start to consider paying her for her services she sends me a picture like this.


Dione said...

I'm so sorry you're sad. Sometimes life really sucks - and so do hormones! It's good that you have a therapist who knows just what to prescribe. Even though I wasn't feeling sad, I must admit I'm feeling better too.

Anonymous said...

You are dearly loved! I know it's like a kiss on a hurty boo-boo but it's the best I got. -mommy-

Anonymous said...

I can dress up in a diaper and do baby things if that will help also. Although that could get kind of wierd.

Honestly though my most helpful words of encouragement are that you have 2 awesome kids already and maybe gods plan was to not spoil that just yet with THAT particular sperm that beat the rest. He was a bad sperm. and evil sperm. i know.... i spoke with him. He had bad intentions.

When the time is right, it will happen!

London said...

Love me some Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom too. I'm glad my randomness excites you lol!

Tana's Nana said...

I pay a lot for therapy-- now I know who to go to!!

I love you and am praying for you-- someday you'll be like some of us who have so many children and daily say, "What was I thinking??!"

In the meantime, just know you're loved...

Punk said...

Twelve Monkeys!

I feel compelled to confess that I have checked your blog repeatedly today just to look at that picture of Gerard Butler. Did anyone else notice that the writing behind him reads, "Dressed to kill?" Awesome. And I would not say that men in kilts do anything for me in general, but I must admit, I'm digging his. And his sword. And his pastel pink shirt. It takes a real man to pull off a kilt and pastel pink. A man with a sword.

In addition to this confession, I must add that I kind of love that Tony had a conversation with evil-sperm. Did you know that you narrowly avoided a Stewie? I didn't.

On a serious note: I really do love you. And not just because comforting you involves scrolling through pages of pictures of hot men. No, there's more to our love than just that. You know it. I know it. Amen.

Missy said...

You are lovely. I peeked at the blog a time or two today as well. Enough times to know that "dressed to kill" was on the wall behind Gerard. (we're on a first name basis.)

Yes, Tony's comment is legendary. Right up there with the time that Snickerdoodle admitted that even though she knew nothing about football she knew a thing or two about hot. (And that boy is HOT.)

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. It's always nice to feel loved.