iPhone Vs. The Crackberry

People have lived without cell phones for centuries, and they were just fine.

This is my reasoning for not putting too much stock in the kind of cell phone I have. Truth be told, my current cell phone is a hand me down from Ryan, and it's only got like $6 of pre-paid minutes left on it. Clearly it's high on my priority list.

I find myself in the minority on this one which is why cell phones are such big business, I suppose.

Being the lemmings they are, G.G. has the Blackberry, and Ryan has an iPhone. I decided to test each product this weekend while we were in Buffalo to determine once and for all which phone is better (see Ryan. You thought there was no reason I kept snaking your phone. I was doing research. Truly important research). Once I have spoken on this issue, I'm certain that the stock in one of these phones will immediately rise, and the opposing company will go out of business. I'm that powerful.

Both phones have Internet capabilities. I was first made aware of the Blackberry's Internet talent during the Hall of Fame weekend back in August when G.G. used her Blackberry to search for a Denny's along our travel route. I suggested that she go to the Denny's site and use their locator, but she opted to look up the Denny's hot line (yes, they have a hot line) and ask a representative for a location. After about 15 minutes on the phone with the representative, we resigned ourselves to the fact that there were, in fact, no Denny's on our route. Five minutes later, Matt spotted an 8x11 sign high up a hill and covered in vines and a tree may of possibly fallen on it at some point, but he still made out the words DENNY'S NEXT EXIT.
What have we learned from this little story? The Denny's hotline is kind of worthless. Unless you need a friendly, kind person to talk to, in which case you should give the hotline a call. 1-800-733-6697

Ah, my sweet, build-your-own grand slam breakfast; you are the real reason we go to all these football games.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, The Blackberry vs. iPhone debate I made up.

The con of using the Internet on the Crackberry is that it doesn't load picture heavy sites (like http://www.buffalobills.com/) or play videos starring Hugh Laurie of House or any videos for that matter.

The iPhone, on the other hand, not only will go to any site I ask it to (yes that's totally Robert Downey Jr) such as Twitter, thus allowing me to tweet as much as I please during a Bills' game and keep up with TO's tweets (oh yeah, I totally follow him). I can also go to YouTube and watch videos, go to the Bills' website and read your blogs. AND I can do all of this while I listen to the Beatles on the iPhone over Ryan's car speakers. As a matter of fact, if the urge should strike me, I can play a game that allows me to fling sheep. There's an App for that.

I also find the larger screen of the iPhone far superior to the Blackberry's, although the iPhone screen is kind of dark if you try to watch videos with your sunglasses on, so there is that.

I think the choice here is obvious. Even though G.G.'s Blackberry has a cute pink cover, I'm going to have to go iPhone here. It's the clear winner.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention they both can be used for texting and making phone calls, but who needs that when you can go on Facebook from your phone?

Tomorrow I'll share some pictures from the game, but I can't tonight because I'm uploading them to flickr first, and they are taking forever. You may now go and update your Facebook status to "Waiting to see Missy's Bills game day pictures." and you may even tweet, "So excited to live in an age that allows me access the Internet via my phone or via Ryan's phone, rather, because my phone is an old hand-me-down that I don't bother to keep minutes on." You'll have to abbreviate 45 characters out on that tweet to make it fit. Good luck. I believe in you.


The Godfather said...

true. its a fresh gadget lol! (gotta get my words in there)

The Football Wife - Sara said...

I love my iPhone -- we can get any Elmo video and someone small will sit still long enough to get her talons trimmed. And you can play Bejeweled, which I am, sadly, very much addicted to...

Dione said...

This is how the cell phone works in our home:

Dad has a cell phone - #1 daughter takes it as soon as he comes home from work.

Mom finally buys a cell phone. #1 daughter takes over Mom's phone and #2 daughter takes Dad's cell phone as soon as he comes home from work.

#1 daughter goes to college and takes Mom's cell phone with her. #1's life is complete.

Mom gets another phone. #2 daughter takes over it while #3 daughter takes Dad's phone as soon as he comes home from work.

Mom buys yet another phone. #2 daughter has Mom's old cell phone to herself - #2's life is complete.

#3 daughter takes over Mom's new cell phone. No one wants Dad's old beat up, outdated phone. Dad has his phone to himself - Dad's life is complete.

If Mom bought an iPhone she might actually get to use one of her old cell phones.

Missy said...

lol. Dione, that's awesome. If I was in your family and bought an iPhone I'd totally hide it until the kids found me one day hiding under the kitchen table checking my tweets on my iPhone.

Punk said...

Dione, that's totally how I got my Sony Erickson Walkman (which I love love love): The Mister bought a cell phone. The Mister bought another cellphone and gave me the first cellphone.

Yeah, if you stop and think about it, it is kind of fishy, but I love my phone. I really do.

The Boob Nazi said...

I LOVE having the internet on my phone, but I own neither the iphone nor a blackberry. And using the internet on my phone is how I win many arguments.