It's Electric! Boogie Woogie Woogie!

Do you remember when I told you how CeCe felt the energy at the preseason game was electric, and I promised to take pictures at the Bills home-opener so she could see what electricity really looked like?


What's that? You have a life and don't memorize my posts?

I'm hurt.

Well, I did as promised and took pictures and even a video. However, every time I talk to my Mom about my blog, she says it's rambly. She is correct. I've always excelled at rambling. See, I'm doing it now and I didn't even mean to. Anywho, in honor of my Mom's complaint of rambliness (I think I just made that word up), I'm going to (attempt) to edit my words in this post. This is for you, Mom.
Face Mask, 15 Yards

This is like the chastity belt of drinking. Even if you are tempted to have a little beer, the face mask blocks you.  Perhaps next week we'll put the beer in a squirt bottle so we can squirt it right through the openings.

This is what football teams do. Reveiw tape and make adjustment to improve their game the following week. I feel we have learned something here, and we'll be better prepared to tailgate next weekend.

Dollar beer, Dollar Cigar, Folding chair with canopy. Pretty sure this is the greatest moment of his life.
Upon reviewing this picture, I feel no adjustments for next week's tailgating are necesary. Ryan's drinking a cheap skunky beer, smoking a dollar cigar and sitting under his own personal canopy. I feel confident that this is the greatest moment of his life and could have only been made better had his cat been sitting on his lap.

Done tailgating, headed to the game.
Having successfully started a charcoal grill, cooked our lunch in a parking lot and applied a modest amount of face paint, we were ready for the game. I know that you are all disappointed that we didn't go all out on the face paint, but I think I've talked the rest of the BBSTC into beefing up the fandom next weekend. At the very least, my kids will be there and I can dress them up however I want. Oh, the power of Motherhood. It certainly has its perks.

Really, I had to stick my tongue out?
Aw, aren't Matt and I cute with our face paint melting off our faces? It was hot and sweaty and that red face paint was everywhere. It ran down our faces, I wiped it on my $8 Goodwill jean and then got a little on my $8 purse. Also, I might have found some in my bra when I got back to the hotel, but there are no pictures of that.
As a sidenote (sidenotes should in no way be misconstrued as rambling, Mom), I stole those sunglasses from Ryan. I do that. I steal his things. It's OK though, because he stole my hat for the day and then sweat all over it. I guess we are even.

And here it is. The video of the Bills shout song. I uploaded it to flickr in hopes that Dione will be able to watch it. Dione, I'd hate to think I'd deprived you of the opportunity of watching 70,000 plus people scream and sing because a bunch of grown men crossed a line with a ball. Also, I'm sorry about how shaky the video is. It couldn't be helped, and also I'd like to apologize that our section was so lame that they couldn't be bothered to get on their feet to sing with the rest of the stadium. I'm sure you won't let me down. I bet you'll all dance along.

Yeah, that last paragraph wasn't rambly at all.


Anonymous said...

OK so I am up at a ridiculously early hour (I just wanted to see the pictures :) That being said I am a little delirious and might not make sense. You would think with all those term papers and all nighters during college that I'd be prepped for this but sadly thats not the case. Alas, Ive not learned anything useful from college whatsoever. Except that as a music major I can recognize a 1-4-5-1 chord progression in the store and "wow" sales clerks. Thats pretty useful.
Missy I think you've captured the game day experience quite well - although Im upset because I have this ghetto-net and it takes like half an hour to load a page (more with pictures)and cant watch the video. If only my town werent so backwards they would have voted for cable. (Yes, they voted)
Oh yes, this comment section should be about your blog. Loved it, A+ and kudos.
In honor of the ramble - I salute you!

Anonymous said...

As for your ramblings, I also salute. Who doesn't love a good rambler? I am more of a tangent woman. It's inherited from my mother. We start on one topic, with purpose mind you, like the nation's politics and that gets around to cheese cake some how. Unlike my mother though, I see when I begin to tangent and try to steer back to the topic.
And just as a little side note, not a ramble or tangent, Men use approximately 5,000 words a day, while Women use approximately 7,000 words a day. My daughter uses about 10,000 a day.

Matthias said...

Missy, wonderful job with telling the world wide web about our vacation. By the way if you think about it those cigars were actually 50 centers. The coors light as Missy said was pretty weak. We might have to go with the official beer of the Buffalo Bills next week. The only problem with that is that beer is Labatt Blue. That kind of sucks. I have also made an observation: There needs to be more pictures of us especially when you look as good as I do lol! GO BILLS!

Dione said...

Yay! I was not deprived of watching the video. However, something seems to be wrong with my sound. It's probably unplugged, but I'll just wait for John to come home and fix it. I'm kinda co-dependent that way. The song looked good though.

You failed to mention whether the Bills won. I'm assuming not since you didn't mention it. Also since your war paint was smeared like you'd been crying ;)

If I ever make it to New York again I will most definitely go to a game and do the song - whatever it sounds like.

Matthias said...

THE BILLS WIN WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Punk said...

Lol. At least G.G. got into it. Wooooooooo!