How To Alienate Your Friends Using The Internet

Before I tell you about the game and teach you how to alienate your friends, I have a question for you. First let me over-explain my question. It's my way. I try to write five times a week. Sometimes this is a struggle and other times I have an over abundance of ideas. This week the latter seems to be my problem. My question is this, If I post more than once a day would that be too much? I strongly considered posting twice today and stopped myself because I wasn't sure if that would blow your minds or annoy you. Anyway, let me know what you think.

It's Game Time

The game started at 6:30. We parked outside the stadium at 6:30. Since we were running late and the Bills starters were only expected to play for like two seconds (so as to avoid injury) I figured we'd missed them. Turns out that only the second and third string players took the field that night.

Let us take (another) small detour from the game to point out that I have added a stat tracker to my blog. One of the perks of this tracker is that I can tell how people find out about my blog. You may or may not be shocked to know that there are a number of people who arrive here via google images. Most of them are searching for none other than our boy Trent Edwards and one of them even googled TRENT EDWARDS HAIR to find me, er him.
They ogle his pictures and then go. Some of them come back and ogle the same picture again. To you my non-readers that love to ogle TE, I give you this. Trent dressed in his game day pads ready to stand on the sidelines while others play football. That Superbowl hair seems to be coming along nicely.

As I've pointed out before, CeCe knew nothing about football when I invited her to the game. Being the consummate student she printed off pages and pages of football related information. She read, she studied, she made flash cards. Seriously, she made flash cards. We went over them in the car.

The boys at their first ever game

OK I'm going to be honest. This was quite possibly the most boring football game I have ever attended. The stadium was only half-full at the onset of the game and practically empty by the end and all of the players on the field were so bad that about half of them got cut from the teams two days later.
Since we lost, I'd have to say that the most exciting thing that happened was no doubt the wave. I had never been apart of a successful wave before. Not only did this wave make it successfully around the stadium it kept going FOUR times. At one point Thor got all excited and was pointing across the stadium, "look, look it's coming back!" I'd like to blame his excitement on being ten, but I totally loved it too.

Also CeCe was saying how exciting it was to be there. "It's like the atmosphere is electric." I love her. The stadium was like a quarter-full at this point and in my mind far from electric. But since she had nothing to compare it to, it felt electric to her and I'm glad she got that part of the experience. I'm so going to take pictures at the home opener in two weeks for her to see what electricity really looks like. Good times.

After the game we successfully navigated ourselves back to the Thru-way, the boys passed out and we began our search for caffeine. It took like two hours before we found something and I ended up with some French Vanilla Iced Coffee from McDonalds. Let's just say it was NOT a Mocha Latte from DD. Of course after that we had to stop at every rest stop to pee. Man I love to pee.

We sang songs from the Little Mermaid Soundtrack, CeCe taught me the Beat It dance and we discussed Christianity, death and other deep topics that often come up in the middle of the night. At 2:45am we stopped at McDonalds to pee and once more eat.

Speaking of eating, I've got to go grocery shopping soon and I'm sick of all my current menu items. I would love some new recipes. Or ideas. Or even suggestions for how I can convince myself that crumbled graham crackers drizzled with chocolate is a well balanced meal that I can, in good conscience, feed my family for dinner.

We've arrived at the portion of the post where I teach you how to alienate your friends using the Internet.

Step 1. Keep them up until 3 am and then take their picture at a rest stop.

Step 2. Post said picture on the Internet. It's so easy a child could do it.

CeCe on the way home from Buffalo
She's so going to hate me for posting that. hahaha. I am evil.

After doing a small amount of yoga, touching our toes while truckers went by and running in circles around the car for no other reason than it was 2:45 and we were a little punch-drunk, we headed home. We parted ways at roughly 3:30am and overall I'd have to say the trip was an overwhelming success, except for, you know, the part where I failed to be CeCe and Trent's matron of honor.

I'm so disappointed.

I'm going to go and sulk in my bed. Goodnight.

Chris takes a picture of The Ralph post game


Punk said...

I so totally love you. If it weren't ten of two in the morning, I'd be more profound, but I think that sisterly love is pretty profound, so stop complaining already and enjoy it.

You rock. The game sounded so fun, and I'm glad that you all had so much fun. Also? Littlest Bro as Thor? Loving it. So astoundingly hilarious.

However, where does that leave Nameless Middle Bro? How do you feel about Loki? O Great Wiki explains: "Loki assists the gods, and sometimes causes problems for them." Doesn't it fit like a blood-stained glove? Didn't you love that middle of the night metaphor? I did.

Dione said...

Your post was so chock-full of ideas that I don't know where to begin...

I'm thinking it's time for you to branch out - have your own website - like PW. I mean, just tonight you gave detailed instructions on photography, a delicious/nutritious dinner recipe, education (alienating friends) and then of course your confessions. Not everyone would confess that they love to pee. Especially in public places.

You could take it one step further and have tabs for sports, hairstyles, and of course all thing beginning with the letter P (penis, pee pee, potty humor).

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Why are you all up in the middle of the night? And,My girl,I would like to suggest to you that you cut your caffeine intake. Also, No graham crackers or chocolate for the family. How about a nice cajun fish gumbo? YUM!! -mom-

Missy said...

Dione, I often lament that I have absolutely no skill with web design whatsoever. Actually I might have undiscovered skill and the problem is I'm uneducated. I even have to have all my headers made by Tony.
Speaking of which, where is my new header, Tony? :)
Mom, where is that cajun fish gumbo recipe? I'll probably have to call you since you aren't going to see this.
Punk, I know you love me since you told me I rock and also because you named the nameless middle brother. Loki works for me. Oh and nice metaphor.

Anonymous said...

Well the picture isn't as bad as it could have been...having lost a lot of weight recently my first thought was - "look how small my face is!"
We had such a good time Im still recovering - but maybe thats because Im old. At least I feel old. Old and single. Old maid-ish I think might just cover it. Thats OK, there's always the next time I visit Buffalo and bump into Trent. In the meantime theres always flirtation with the cute mailroom guy. He has a nice smile. - CECE

coach said...

It's about time that CeCe went to a football game. In my opinion everyone should be watching the greatest game in the world. At least we found some new fans this past week. Now we have to hold on to them and get more. As for the Mocha Latte from DD, besides Trenty Boy that would be her number one passion in life!