OK So My Plan Didn't Work

I totally forgot to tell you how my trip to Buffalo with CeCe went. I bet you are dying to know if she and Trent are out on a date right now. The answer is no and it's not because she's not a leggy blond. It's because I don't actually know Trent (unless photographing the back of his head counts as knowing him) and couldn't introduce them. Darn details. Also I read on the Internet today that he's gay. Even though it wasn't on wiki, it's the Internet so I'm sure it was legit. I would have totally never gotten that vibe from him so I'm glad the Internet let me know the truth. Thank you, Internet, I would be so clueless without you.

In the twenty-four hours that I was gone from my home I spent eleven and a half of them driving. You would think that this would give me a lot of good fodder for blogging but sadly the only story I can remember is the one where I got stuck in traffic outside of Orchard Park and had to pee so bad while driving that I may have blacked out for a second or two or five. I vaguely remember telling CeCe to stop making me laugh (according to her I was the one cracking jokes, I do not recall this), also I remember driving around corners like I was running from the cops and how it hurt to move my foot from the gas to the brake. I squealed into a VW car dealership and burst into the showroom and as soon as a salesman made eye contact with me I started talking.


I'm pretty sure I said more than that and that there might have been tears but like I said I kind of blacked out a little there. After he let me use their bathroom he pointed me in the direction of a gas station. I had apparently asked for one in my incoherent pre-potty babbling. *shrugs*

After peeing and gassing up the car we headed out in search of the great and mighty Duff's Wings. The gas station attendant had never heard of Duff's, but pointed us in the direction of Orchard Park Rd and we began our quest. A half a mile later we were in the Duff's parking lot.

Exhausted from our quest we fueled up on wings, fries and the boys discovered the joys of Duff TV. It's eerily similar to America's Funniest Home Videos.

Eyes on the TV, Wing sauce on the face, Happiness in the heart

I haven't decided on a bloggy name for this, my youngest brother. I was thinking Thor. I like it. We'll see if it sticks. As an addtional sidenote, Today is Thor's 10th b-day. How cute, er, um, manly is he?

So spicy they make your nose run

Here we have my middle brother. It would appear that those wings were hot enough to make his nose run. I know it might seem cruel that I would put this picture up on the Internet, but in my defense he asked me to take candid shots of him. In all fairness it wasn't the cruelest thing I did at Duff's...

Danielle the waitress gets two new fans

The waitress was named Danielle and she was nothing short of awesome. CeCe and I got the boys to admit that the waitress was "kind of cute" and then we teased them unmercilessly and made them pose for a picture with her. I told you she was awesome.

After humiliating my brothers over dinner, we headed to the stadium. Since I haven't even gotten to the game stuff yet and I've rambled for a really long time already I'll finish this story tomorrow. I'm sure you are on pins and needles hoping that I'll go into great detail about the game. I won't, I promise. All right shutting up now.


The Football Wife said...

You are SO funny -- I'm glad that you didn't really black out. My aunt & uncle live in Orchard Park, perhaps even near the stadium. We used to stalk Jim Kelley when we were little -- funny, his house seemed SO big back then. That was before the days of McMansions.

coach said...

I hate to admit it but Cece never had a chance. My wife would be all over that. In fact she would probably leave me for him. That's ok though I would understand. That boy has a lot of loot in his hizhouse.

My wife also has to pee every two seconds. When we were in Canton i was starting to get annoyed with the bathroom breaks between Missy here and my Godmother. I am kind of ornory i think. I have to get everywhere early so that i don't miss anything.

By the way I have noticed, since my sister in law and you know who you are doesn't have the ability to comment on these posts, I have become the number one commenter here. Dione and Tony are good too i guess lol.

East Siddddddddddddddddddddddddddde

Missy said...

Sarah, I think you totally rock for stalking Jim Kelly. I'm a little giddy over it. Totally cracked me up and it totally redeems you for practically making me cry with your post this morning. :)

Grand Pooba said...

Best snot picture ever! I can see why you're the favorite.