My Mom And I Both Think You Are A Lunatic

Last week I was chatting on the phone with CeCe and I mentioned to her that I planned on going to Buffalo for the Bills last preseason game. The rest of the BBSTC can't go because they have to work. I, on the other hand am gleefully unemployed.

I'm also just crazy enough to take the ten hour round-trip to Buffalo by myself, but since I had three tickets to spare I decided to take my little brothers and suggested CeCe come along also. To my complete shock, she agreed. You have no idea how excited this made me since she's not that into sports, but like the die hard friend she is, she has spent the last week learning about football and posting what she's learned on facebook. Seriously, how awesome is she?

So while we were on the phone I realize that my (single) friend CeCe and my (single) QB Trent will both be in the same stadium at the same time. I'm so going to hook her up with him. Then I can be the maid of honor at their wedding. I see no flaws with this plan other than it's mildly creepy.
I actually hatched this plan of marrying CeCe off to Trent back in November but this is the first time they'll be in the same city. I ran this plan by CeCe while we were still on the phone and she said, "Yeah, my mom and I both think you are a lunatic."

Oh really? We'll see who looks like a lunatic when this thing is all done.

Probably me, but there is a teensy tiny chance it won't be me.

Nope. It'll definitely be me.

That's O.K. I'm comfortable with my lunacy. I openly embrace it. You've seen the pictures of my family, I really have no choice.


coach said...

I think it would be a wonderful idea to marry cece and trent off so that i don't have to worry every day about losing my wife to that stud muffin of a QB. Plus imagine how cool that wedding reception would be when i could meet all these Bills playas. I just think I am obsessed with that football team. I might have to stop lol.

Punk said...

Lunatic or not, I meeeeees youuuuuuu. I hope you and Cece and the boys are having tons of fun.

Oh, and be sure to tell Trent I said hey.