I Can See Clearly Now

I have on occasion questioned how I ended up so peculiar. I've even gone so far as to formulate a theory on how the synapses in my brain must have been shorted out at some point and are misfiring on a regular basis...anywho. On Thursday our family got together at my parent's house to celebrate Birdie's 28th birthday. My Aunt Lisa and her family of five are currently crashing with my parents and the Punks are up visiting in NY so it was a full house of crazy. I put my new camera to good use and upon reviewing the pictures my level of sanity makes so much more sense.
Punk and Birdie.
I grew up sandwiched between these two loonies. I shared a room with Punk for most of my childhood and had a band with Birdie called Blueberry and Lemony Lime. We were a one hit wonder. I assure you that this takes "middle child syndrome" to a whole new level.
This is Brother Bill, my Aunt Lisa's husband. My Aunt Lisa and mom are every bit as close as Punk and I are, this means that as a child I spent a great deal of time visiting this man's home. It was inevitable that his eccentricities would rub off on all of us kids. I was not exempt.
We take food made of sugar very seriously in our family.

Don't I look so normal? Even Baby Birdie looks mellow compared to the rest of those nut jobs. Sweet, sweet Baby Birdie, by the time this family is done with you you'll be completely certifiable. Most likely from all the dutch ovens your dad will subject you to, but still I apologize ahead of time for the role I'll play in your demise.


Anonymous said...

Crazy is Goooood!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOLLLLL dutch ovens!!!

Punk said...

Middle child syndrome my sweet feet. We maybe had the best childhood ever, and as we were twins, regardless of the two year age difference, I'm pretty sure you're not even really a middle child.

Crazy is good. Our family is FUN. What 30-coughcoughcough and newly 28 year old can sit at their parents' kitchen table and see-food their 25+ year old non-middle sister? Only two that I know. And we rock. So there.