Why Are There Crumpled Up Underwear In My Drawer? Did You Fold Laundry?

We had a busy day over here. It started with our second day of Kindergarten/Preschool homeschool. (Insert 1 hr naptime here.) Then this afternoon we went and looked at two houses with the realtor, then I dropped the family off at home and went grocery shopping. I didn't sit down to eat my own dinner until about nine and at ten I went to put my pj's on. When I opened my drawer I saw a few crumpled up pairs of underwear in my drawer. I stood there for a minute wondering if I had in fact lost my mind and begun to put dirty underwear back into my drawer, but since that's never been a habit of mine (wearing dirty underwear) I quickly moved on to my second thought. Maybe Braden put them there, but that can't be right since I don't leave dirty underwear laying around either. Finally the idea crossed my mind that perhaps Coach put them there. So I asked him, "Did you fold laundry?"
"Yep." he said.
Ah, that explains it. Coach folds laundry by rolling it up into a ball. Inside out. And then he went through the trouble of putting it away for me. So sweet. Of course now I'm going to have to go through everyone's drawers looking for the clothes he "folded" and fix them.


So ever since Punk threw down the gauntlet about getting more readers I've been trying to think of ways to entice people to come to my blog. Trail of candy or chocolate perhaps? So far my ideas have included purchasing flying monkeys on eBay and sending them out with slips of paper containing the URL for this website attached to their ankles. I've also considered hunting Trent Edwards down the next time I'm in Buffalo and asking him to mention my blog in his next press conference. Nothing major, just, "I wouldn't have been able to win that last game if it wasn't for Missy at http://www.nobodylistenstothegirl.blogspot.com/ talking about how hot I am all the time." I could do a giveaway but the only thing I have up for grabs is a garbage bag full of used size 4T girls summer clothes that I don't know what to do with. (Any takers?)

I actually even went through the trouble of googling how to build readership and most of the suggestions included finding a niche and writing about it. Right. O.K. Um, having a niche indicates that you have some level of education or even a moderate amount of knowledge in one certain field. It would also include doing actual research for writing posts. Since I know next to nothing about pretty much nothing a niche is out. Unless nonsense can be a niche in which case I'm golden. Also I'm too lazy to do any kind of research. But I'm honest so there is that.

As a reward for your advice I give you this gem of information. While I was waiting in line to cash out my groceries (it only took 30 minutes, for real) I saw OK magazine. Are you familiar? Well it's time to get familiar. OK's cover story, Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewert are engaged!!!

O.M.G. Can you believe it? This is incredible. I did exactly the thing one should do in this situation. I called Punk. She wasn't home. I called her cell and finally located her. She was sitting in her car in the library parking lot reading a book. I then proceeded to informed her of the blessed news. Based on the information on the cover I'm sure the editors at OK magazine have the inside scoop on Robert and Kristen's loving relationship. Actually, I didn't think they were even in a relationship. I was under the assumption that they were just co-workers.
Luckily just as my faith in the truth of this headline began to wane, Punk pointed out that it's on the cover of OK Magazine which is just as good as being on the Internet so it must be true.

Congratulations, R-Patz and Kristen. I'm sorry I ever questioned your undying love.

See what I did there? (Is it wrong that I make myself laugh?)


Punk said...

Your making yourself laugh is so wrong, it's right.

And I'm right there with you, baby.

Omigosh, you're funny. And how is rambling about Trent Edwards on a regular basis NOT a niche?

Props to Coach for folding laundry. You're an excellent husband. No, that wasn't sarcasm. Geez. Some people just can't take a well-meaning compliment, can they? Goodness...

Mr. Punk said...

No, Kristen!!! NO!
*tears up pictures
*looks longfully
It's not... faair!
*punches pillow
*grabs radio boombox


Missy said...

@Mr. Punk How are you and Mrs. Punk going to get to Kristen and R-Patz (respectively)now? I'm sure you two are hatching a plan. I look forward to playing my part.

Love the Say Anything pic. Nice Touch.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

just found your blog, and I think you found your niche. great blog, and if the 4t girls clothes are still up for grabs, let's talk. : )

Anonymous said...

LOLLL thats how us boys fold clothes. At least he tried! I live out of my laundry basket. Danilo the cat thinks it's his bed.

Missy said...

@ tonymontana Cat covered clothes make the man. The ladies will be all over you once they get your cat covered scent.

Rachel, I'll e-mail you.

coach said...

I am an excellent husband and just so everyone knows that is how she showed me how to fold underwear. Just so you ladies know womens underwear is not the easiest thing in the world to fold but at least I tried.

Why R Patz WHY

The Football Wife said...

Missy -- get yourself on the waiting list with BlogHer & then cruise over to sheblogs.org and ask to join. They set you up with PR folks... I'm about to have a giveaway on my blog REALLY, REALLY soon. ;)